Find Out How You Compare With The Average Electricity Bill, Sydney

Average Electricity Bill Sydney

Why Compare Electricity Bills

At one stage or another we’ve all opened the electricity bill and been greeted by numbers we never wanted to see. If this happens to you regularly, you’ve no doubt wondered, ‘What is the average electricity bill in Sydney?’ It’s important to see how your bills stack up with others in your area for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, if your bills seem to be higher than other people you know with no logical explanation, you may need to seriously think about how you use electricity in your household. Secondly, it could be something as simple as having an electricity contract that your needs have long outgrown. There’s plenty of competition out there now, and if you’re not seeing how your bills compare with the average household, you could be missing out on a great deal with another provider.

Deregulation in NSW

Deregulation of the electricity industry occurred for New South Wales in July 2014. This meant that energy providers were no longer held to the prices laid out for them by the State Government. The benefit for you as a consumer is that energy providers now have an incentive to lower their rates, offer special deals and improve their customer service to pick up your business.

In practical terms, as more energy providers enter the market, the better deals we get. There is now frenzied competition for your electricity dollar. Along with the deregulation of the electricity industry and an increase in competition came comparison websites like Billy Explores, offering customers the chance to easily see which provider can service them best. If the thought of Billy keeping a watchful eye on energy prices isn’t enough to keep the providers working hard, we don’t know what is!

Average Electricity Bill in Sydney

According to Canstar Blue’s customer satisfaction survey published in January 2018, the average electricity bill in Sydney was just over $1,667 per year.

The highest average electricity bills in Sydney were customers in their 40’s, at $1,911.76 per year, while the lowest was from those aged 70 or over with an average bill of $1,466.70 per year.

Electricity Providers in Sydney

Since deregulation, competition has really heated up in Sydney’s electricity market, and the customers are the ones reaping the benefits. The energy providers below deliver electricity services to Sydney, and they all offer a range of discounts, plans and other incentives to get you on board. Click on each provider names to see the details the offer.

• Sumo Rates
• Energy Australia Rates
• Powershop Rates
• Red Energy Rates
• AGL Rates
• Origin Energy Rates
• Alinta Energy Rates
• PowerDirect Rates

How Can I Reduce My Average Electricity Bill in Sydney?

There’s a whole host of ways you can knock a few dollars off your electricity bill in Sydney, and these are just a few of the biggest ones. If you are looking for more – check out our Top Ten Energy Saving Tips

Cooling and Heating

Heaters and air conditioners are the biggest culprit in chewing through your electricity, so be smart about how you’re heating and cooling your home. Some households spend 40% of their electricity on this, so consider things like insulation, fixing cracks and dodgy seals around doors and windows, and only heating the parts of the house you’re using.

Heating Water

Second in the biggest household electricity guzzlers is the hot water cylinder. You can decrease your costs here by taking shorter showers. Also, only using the dishwasher when it’s suitably full and washing clothes in cold water instead of warm.

Wash Away Electricity Costs

Washing machines use a stack of electricity, so as well as switching to a cold wash, make sure you’re only washing when you have a full load. Elsewhere in the laundry, consider making the dryer a last resort rather than the norm. Hang your clothes on the line or on an air dryer inside.

Turn Off at the Wall

Modern appliances often come with a standby function. While this gives you a little bit of convenience by using a remote to turn your TV on, these standby items are costing you money when you’re not even using them. Switch off at the wall, and only turn appliances on when you use them.

Government Rebates in NSW

The NSW government has implemented a number of initiatives to help ease the strain on households.

  1. The Low-Income Household Rebate. This gives a rebate to customers who hold eligible concession cards through the Department of Human Services or Veteran’s Affairs.
  2. The Family Energy Rebate.  Designed to put money back in the pockets of eligible electricity customers with dependent children if they have received Family Tax Benefit A or B in the previous year.
  3. The Appliance Replacement Offer. This helps concession card holders in NSW to upgrade old, inefficient fridges and televisions to new, energy efficient models.

Conditions apply, so visit the Energy NSW website for more details.

Is There a Better Deal Out There?

If you feel like you’re paying too much for your electricity when compared to others, maybe it’s time to start shopping around for a better deal. There are plenty of energy providers out there who’d be happy to have your business. Billy Explores is here to point you in their direction.

It’s as easy as heading over to our energy comparison page. We can find the top prices for you from our panel of providers. Stop paying more than the average electricity bill, Sydney!