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Compare Electricity Rates ACT

Compare Electricity Rates ACT

Compare Electricity Rates In ACT At No Cost To You With Billy Explores

Compare Electricity Rates ACT

The ACT may only have 3 major electricity providers competing for your business, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some great deals out there. Furthermore, the ACT Government offers some great incentives to make your home more energy efficient.

If you think it’s time to shop around for better electricity deals in the ACT, Billy Explores is here to help. Read on for some more details on what you should be considering in the ACT.

Deregulation in ACT

For ACT residents, deregulation of the energy market gives you the best of both worlds. Therefore energy providers are now able to set their own energy prices in addition to offering special deals to win your business. Before deregulation, everybody paid the rates set by the Government.

Energy providers still have standing offers, so you can still choose Government pricing. If you want to access a range of discount rates and bonuses, maybe the market offers will suit your needs better.

The Electricity Market in ACT

In the ACT you have a choice of three energy providers, therefore you can always find a way to save. As a result there’s deals to be found if you compare wisely with Billy Explores.

Since the introduction of the Energy Efficiency Improvement Scheme, the market focuses on efficiency. The scheme aims to increase energy efficiency in homes across the state. The end goal for the scheme is a target of zero net greenhouse gas emissions by 2060.

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ACT Electricity Concessions

The ACT government has a range of initiatives to help cut energy costs. This is yet another way to save dollars.

The Utilities Concession is a rebate applied to the accounts of eligible pension card holders in the ACT. As of July 2018, the amount has increased to $654 per year so customers have a great chance to save.

The Clean Energy Household Assistance Package is a program which helps low and middle income households manage the effect of the carbon price. It’s aimed at helping all homes become more energy efficient without extravagant costs.

Providers in ACT

Customers wishing to compare electricity rates in the ACT have three top electricity providers to choose from:

  • Origin Energy
  • Energy Australia
  • ActewAGL

Click on any of the providers above to find out more about who they are and what they could offer you.

Is it Time to Switch Providers?

Has it been a while since you had your electricity connected? If it has, pricing in your state has probably changed a lot. So even if you’re happy with your current provider, there’s no harm in looking around. If you’re not regularly comparing providers, you’re probably missing out on a better deal.

Billy Explores wants you to get the best value possible from energy providers. Billy makes it easy to compare electricity rates in the ACT, and it’s 100% free! Just head on over to our energy plan comparison page, enter your suburb, and find the better deal for you.

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