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Compare Electricity Rates QLD

Compare Electricity Rates QLD

Compare Electricity Rates In QLD To See If You Can Get A Better Deal

Compare Electricity Rates QLD

If you’re living in the Sunshine State, chances are you regularly need to use an air-conditioner to stay cool. So, with this being one of the biggest energy costs a household can have, we’re sure you Queenslanders want to find out how you can keep those electricity bills as low as possible, right? Luckily, the ability to compare electricity rates in QLD is getting easier every year.

Think now’s time for a change to a new provider in search of a better deal? Because we’ve got all of the info you need to know right here.

Deregulation in Queensland

Deregulation has occurred for South East QLD, which includes popular parts of the state like Brisbane and the Gold Coast. If you’re on the South East, energy retailers are able to offer market contracts with great rates and discounts galore, so if you’re paying too much for power, now is the time to look for better options.

In parts of the state that remain regulated, energy prices are set by the State Government. However, who knows when this could change.

The Electricity Market in Queensland

In 2016, South East QLD had their energy market deregulated which has opened up plenty of competition between retailers. Therefore, better deals for customers.

Queensland is also big on solar energy, and the government are right on board with moving towards a greener, cleaner future. One of their great initiatives is promoting solar with the ‘One Million Rooftops’ campaign which aims to establish their state as a leader in solar power. And with all that sunshine, why not?

Queensland Electricity Concessions

Through the QLD State Government, eligible customers could get the following benefits and schemes:

Electricity Rebate: Eligible pensioners and seniors can receive a rebate of up to $340.85 per year (as at 2018).

Electricity Asset Ownership Dividend: The State Government is using $200 million from the dividend of government-owned corporations to hand over an electricity rebate of $50 per household in 2018 and 2019.

Interest-free Solar: The State Government is offering interest-free loans to help customers get set up with solar options.

Providers in Queensland

Deregulation changed things in QLD, so there’s now plenty of electricity providers servicing the state:

  • Origin Energy
  • Energy Australia
  • AGL
  • Red Energy
  • PowerDirect
  • Powershop
  • Alinta

Click on any of the providers above to find out more about who they are and what they could offer you. Because who doesn’t want to save?

Is it Time to Switch Providers?

If you feel like you’re paying too much for electricity through your current provider, now could therefore be the perfect time to make the switch. Energy providers across QLD offer a range of deals and discounts to give you a better deal, so why not see what’s out there?

Billy Explores is here to help Aussies save money by comparing energy plans from our panel of providers, no matter what your monthly costs are. Billy makes it so easy to compare electricity rates in QLD, because he’s already done the hard work! Just check out our energy plan comparison page, enter your suburb, and pick the best deal for you.

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