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Compare Electricity Rates In VIC

Compare Electricity Rates In VIC

Compare Electricity Rates In VIC With Billy Explores Today

Compare Electricity Rates VIC

In Victoria, electricity is big business. That’s great for you, because there’s so much competition in the market now. You’re never short of options if you’re thinking of hunting down a better deal for your electricity needs. When it comes to comparing electricity rates, VIC is the state that offers the most choice after NSW.

Think now’s time for a change to a new provider in search of a better deal? We’ve got all the info you need to know right here. Read on!

Deregulation in Victoria

The electricity industry has been deregulated since 2002. This meant that energy providers were no longer held to the prices laid out for them by the State Government. Therefore, you can now choose from a stack of providers offering different market rates and discounts to try and win your business to compare electricity rates in VIC.

This means you can either choose a State Government pricing structure with a standing offer, or check out market offers from retailers which are usually packed with discounts.

The Electricity Market in Victoria

In 2016, the Australian Energy Market Commission found that the VIC market includes 22 energy retailers. The plus for you as a consumer is that providers now have a good reason to lower their rates, offer special deals and improve their customer service to pick up your business.

Due to the peak demand times in VIC, the Government is always looking for ways to improve the industry. One of their main focuses therefore is in the solar field, where they provide initiatives to help households get up and running with solar panels at no up-front cost.

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Victoria Electricity Concessions

The VIC government has created a few ways to help ease the strain on households.

The Low-Income Concession program gives a 17.5% discount on electricity costs to eligible customers.

The Energy and Water Taskforce Program gives customers in poor areas up to $300 worth of energy saving gear for their homes.

The Controlled Load Concession provides concession card holders with an additional 13% off their annual controlled load costs for hot water and slab heating, which is separate to other electricity use.

The Electricity Transfer Fee Waiver allows card holders to have electricity connected free of charge when moving house.

Providers in Victoria

There is never a shortage of providers fighting it out for your business to compare electricity rates in VIC:

  • Origin Energy
  • Energy Australia
  • AGL
  • Red Energy
  • PowerDirect
  • Powershop
  • Alinta
  • Sumo Energy

Click on any of the providers above to find out more about who they are and what they could offer you.

Is it Time to Switch Providers?

Feel like you pay too much for your bills? In fact, now could be a great time to make the switch. Energy providers across VIC offer a range of incentives and ongoing discounts to give you a better deal, so why not see if there’s something better out there?

Billy Explores is here to help Aussies get the best out of their energy plans, whether you’re a single person or large family. Billy makes it easy to compare electricity rates in VIC from our panel of providers, because he does the hard work for you! Finally, just head on over to our energy plan comparison page, enter your suburb, and pick the best deal for you.

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See if you can save today!

Join thousands of others who have switched and saved with Billy Explores

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