How To Spot A Scam For Alinta Energy Pay Bill

Billy Explores knows that Aussies are doing it tough at the moment, which is why we’re so focussed on making sure all Aussies get a fair deal on their health insurance, life insurance and energy bills. However, there’s another way that we can help every day Aussies, and that’s with helping understanding and identifying scams which appear to come from their energy provider. It’s always a good idea to double check before you pay your Alinta bill to make sure it’s a legitimate website.

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Alinta Energy Pay Bill Scam

The following information is taken from the Alinta Energy website.

Alinta Energy has learned that there are more possible scams going after customers who are still with them or who have just switched.

We want you to feel safe about sharing your personal and banking information with Alinta Energy. This will help you make sure you are safe and secure. Remember that Alinta Energy will never call you and ask you to pay your Alinta bill over the phone or with a gift card from someone else.

By calling 1300 930 811 or going to, you can use our automated bill payment system to pay your bill over the phone in a safe way.

At the moment, Alinta Energy is not actively marketing its products or offering additional Direct Debit incentives or total bill credits.

Alinta Energy will never call you to let you know that our prices are going up or down. You will get these notices in writing, either by email or by mail.

Unless your home has a “smart metre,” which sends us your usage data wirelessly and eliminates the need for on-site metre readings, your metre will sometimes be read by a technician from the distributor (they own the poles and wires). When the technician from the distributor reads the metre in person, they will need to have a valid ID from their distributor on them. If you’re not sure, ask to see their ID and trust that more than any other personal information they might show you.

You shouldn’t answer the phone if the caller ID doesn’t show who is calling. When calls are made by or for Alinta Energy, the agent’s phone number will always be shown.

You should only change your account information through My Account or with an authorised Alinta Energy Customer Care representative. You should have started the call and gotten the phone number from a trusted source, like our website, your bill, or one of our marketing materials.
We will always give you a customer reference number over the phone that you can use to look up your account information in our billing system later.

What should you do if you think someone has scammed you?

If you think you might have given your credit card or bank account information to a third party over the phone as part of this or another possible Alinta Energy scam, you should contact your bank or financial institution right away. You should also tell the Federal Government about the scam at, which is the site for Scam Watch.

If you think you might be a victim of fraud, please call the police in your area.

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