How Do Electricity Bills Work? Origin Energy

Billy Explores is here to help you understand Origin energy bills

Energy bills can get confusing sometimes – it looks like a whole bunch of numbers and we often have no idea what they’re telling us. Origin Energy pack plenty of detail into their bill, so you’ll always know what you’re being charged for. Check out our handy hints below for making sense of your Origin Energy electricity bill.

The Origin Energy Electricity Bill Basics

Page 1 is where you’ll see all of the really important stuff – the bill amount and the due date. These are the most important parts, but you’ve also got your reference number and the address you’re paying for. It’s important, so it’s always worth checking this just to make sure there’s no errors.

Here you can also see the overview of your plan, a usage summary which shows your average cost per day, and some information about your greenhouse gas emissions.

Page 2 features a whole bunch of contact details to ensure you can always reach Origin Energy if you need to.

Origin Energy Charges

Your Origin Energy rates and charges are spread across pages 2 and 3, and this gives you a detailed account of how you’re being charged. Here you can the different tariffs you’re being charge if you’re on a time-of-use plan or just your general usage if you have a single rate.

Check here for your daily supply charge, and every single charge or discount you’ve received in the current billing period.

The Graphs

There’s a small graph on Page 1 which compares your current usage to the same period last year. Therefore, you can see whether you’ve increased or decreased your use.

Page 2 also features a handy graph to see how your daily energy consumption stacks up against other households of the same size in your local area, and another which breaks down your average daily usage, greenhouse emissions and compares everything to the last 5 billing periods.

Origin Energy Payment Options

The payment options are listed at the bottom of Page 1 with all the relevant payment codes. It also serves as a payment slip for paying in person or by mail. Here’s the payment methods on your bill:

  • Direct Debit
  • BPAY
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Mail (Cheque payment)
  • Australia Post

Furthermore, the payment methods not shown on your Origin Energy electricity bill:

  • EasiPay (spread costs over an entire year, in smaller, more regular payments)
  • Bank Transfer
  • Centrepay

So, if you’d like more information about this topic, check out our general article on how electricity bills work, where we go over the basics of what appears on all electricity bills, not just Origin Energy’s.