Powershop Rates

Powershop Rates – Get A Better Deal With Billy Explores Energy Compare

Powershop rates are all about great value and great customer service. Rather than sticking with the same discounted rates and benefits offered by other providers, Powershop have decided to shake things up a bit and offer new, innovative ways to buy energy. Read on for more details.

Powershop Rates

Powershop rates are great, but they also offer discounts in the form of allowing you to buy the following Powerpacks. Here you can effectively buy in advance and enjoy more savings.

There’s also some similar packs available now for Powershop gas services. In Powershop’s market rates, customers can choose between single rate tariffs or time of use tariffs, allowing a choice between using peak and controlled load usage periods, or just sticking to a single rate. There’s also Controlled Load options for running hot water cylinders and space heaters.

Powershop Lite still gives great rates, but works with a monthly bill paid by direct debit and you don’t have the Powerpack options.

Check our comparison page for current rates, as the discounted rates will vary depending where you live.

Powershop Features

With Powershop’s system of Powerpacks, the discounts and features mainly lie within the wide range of purchasing options provided. Aside from the bare dollars and cents though, you can track your Powershop rates and charges through their app.

They’re certified 100% carbon neutral too, and their parent company, Meridian Energy, is Australia’s largest 100% renewable generator.

Powershop Payment Options

With Powerpacks, most of your energy costs are handled in advance, meaning you won’t always end up with a bill to pay, as such. However, when you do need to make a payment, you can do it through their app or online service which makes everything super easy to manage. You can also manage things by direct debit.

If you’re thinking about switching energy providers to find a better deal to suit your needs, head over to our plan comparison page and let us check if Powershop rates are currently the best for you!

Services and prices may vary depending on your location. Information is current at 20 November 2018.