Powershop – Billy Explores Has All The Info You Need To Know

Who are Powershop?

Powershop were originally formed in New Zealand and are owned by Meridian Energy, one of the biggest renewable energy generators in Australasia. Therefore, this is part of the reason that Powershop have been voted Australia’s greenest power company for the third year in a row by Greenpeace.

They’re based in Melbourne, but operate primarily as an online energy retailer who currently provide electricity services to both residential and business customers. They plan to move into the gas market in the future.

Powershop Services

Powershop provide electricity services throughout parts of Eastern Australia, but are moving into gas services too.
• Electricity services in New South Wales, South East Queensland and Victoria.
• Solar options available in New South Wales, South East Queensland and Victoria.
• Gas services in Victoria.
• Assistance with finding a reputable solar installer through their Solar Advisory Service. Applicable to customers in New South Wales, South Australia, South East Queensland and Victoria.

Energy Plans

Powershop have some standard packages under their Powershop and Powershop Lite banners, and each has a range of tariffs.

Powershop plans have great rates but also offer discounts in the form of allowing you to buy the following Powerpacks. Subsequently, you can effectively buy in advance and enjoy more savings.

What Makes Powershop Great?

Powershop pride themselves on their clean, green services – and why not? They’ve made a big name for themselves thanks to just that. But it’s not the only reason to choose Powershop:

  • They’re 100% carbon neutral – they offset all their emissions and don’t charge the customers for it.
  • Solar friendly – their deals are competitive and you’re not treated differently for using solar.
  • Great customer service – they’ve won Canstar’s Blue’s award for having the most satisfied customers in Victoria three years running.
  • For a premium you can choose to use green energy, sourced from clean power sources like wind and solar.
  • The unique option of buying discounted Powerpacks to save money.
  • The app – track and monitor your general usage, top up, and pay bills in one handy app.

Services and prices may vary depending on your location.