Prepare For A Blackout - Everything You Need To Know

Prepare For A Blackout - Everything You Need To Know

Australia is known across the globe for its great weather, but nobody could argue normally some summers can be scorchers. While many people embrace the heatwave and make the most of the outdoors, many of us also like to hide away inside with the air conditioner cranking. The only problem is the added pressure on our energy services which can result in energy disruptions / outages or blackouts. Especially when it’s so hot, it’s always good to prepare for a blackout.

Stock Up on Essentials to Prepare for a Blackout

It’s not until the power goes out that we fully appreciate just how much we rely on our gas and electricity. The lights go out, the fridge goes off, there’s no more TV. In our modern, connected lives, we probably feel the brunt of a power outage more than ever. Here’s a few things you can have on standby to prepare for a blackout:

  • Batteries (always know where they are)
  • A torch (our smartphones have these, but they chew through the battery)
  • Candles and matches
  • An eski or cooler (if you’ve got access to ice, you can keep perishables like meat in a cooler temporarily)
  • First Aid Kit
  • A portable phone charger, in case the blackout is lengthy.

Safety Tips When You Prepare for a Blackout

More importantly than anything, don’t leave your family’s safety to chance during a blackout. Most situations aren’t life threatening, but it’s still important to be prepared.

  • Mobile Phones. Make sure you have at least one mobile phone charged in the house. In case of emergency, the mobile will be your connection to the services you need.
  • Help Others. Ensure elderly or dependant family members are prepared and can contact you easily.
  • Switch Off. Many homes have power-boards and other surge preventing technology, but play it safe and unplug appliances. It’s not just safety – your expensive gear can be damaged by power surges.
  • Stay Inside. If dangerous weather conditions cause your power outage, make sure you have everything you need inside and stay safe.

Compare Deals For Better Reliability

Many blackouts are unavoidable, but if you’re experiencing particularly unreliable service, why not shop around? A new deal might not help you prepare for a blackout, but there’s never a bad time to potentially save money and get a better deal for you. Let Billy Explores potentially find you a better deal!