How Do Electricity Bills Work? Red Energy

Red Energy - Let Billy Explores Help You Understand Your Bill

If you’re having trouble understanding your electricity bill, then don’t worry as you’re not the first! Check out our handy hints below for making sense of your Red Energy electricity bill.

The Red Energy Electricity Bill Basics

Page 1 is where you’ll see all of the really important stuff – the bill amount and the due date. These are the most important parts, but you’ve also got your reference number and the address (or service address) you’re paying for. It’s important, so it’s always worth checking this just to make sure there’s no errors.

Here you can also see the breakdown of your Red Energy electricity bill, including the previous balance and payments, the current charges, and any discounts or concessions you might be receiving. Therefore if you’re receiving a pay-on-time discount, this will show clearly above the due date.

The front page features some contact information and an easy-to-read payment slip you can use if paying by cheque or in person. On page two (the reverse side of the payment slip) are payment options and applicable reference numbers.

Red Energy Charges

Your Red Energy Rates should appear on Page 2, and this gives you a detailed account of how you’re being charged. Here you can the different tariffs you’re being charged if you’re on a time-of-use plan or just your general usage if you have a single rate.

Check here for your daily supply charge, and you’ll also clearly see the details of any concessions you’re receiving and any additional charges.

Red Energy Payment Options

The second page of your Red Energy electricity bill will have your payment options listed with all the relevant payment codes. It also serves as a payment slip for paying in person or by mail. So, here’s the payment methods on your bill:

  • Australia Post
  • Mail (Cheque payment)
  • BPAY
  • Phone
  • Direct Debit

Payment methods not shown on your Red Energy electricity bill:
• EvenPay (pay smaller amounts more regularly to make your bills more manageable)

If you’d like more information about this topic, check out our general article on how electricity bills work, where we go over the basics of what appears on all electricity bills, not just Red Energy’s.