3 Tips to Save Money at Home: The Laundry

3 Tips to Save Money at Home: The Laundry

As promised, Billy is back with some more handy tips to save money around the house. This time, we’re tackling the laundry. It’s usually one of the smallest rooms in the house, but it can certainly can chew through some power. Fear not, Billy Explores has come to the rescue to provide you with more ways you can save money around the house!

Stop Washing in Hot Water!

We know, the towels always feel softer when you’ve washed in hot water. But let’s face it, they’re only nice and soft for that first use anyway. So, do you really need to have hotel-fresh towels every day? Hot water is one of the biggest costs when it comes to energy use. Try doing your washing in cold water and save heaps. Or at least switch to a warm wash. Every little bit helps to save money at home!

Do Your Washing in Off-Peak Time

If you’re on an energy plan with peak and off-peak tariffs, make sure you know when the off-peak times are. Even if you’re not home, most modern washing machines have a timer. Set it up to start in off-peak times and save yourself some valuable power!

Ditch the Dryer!

Dryers are a luxury which, frankly, most of us could live without. We’ve all been guilty of not hanging out the washing and frantically throwing some work clothes in the dryer of a morning. But with good planning, you really don’t need to use it much and in doing so save money at home. Even in apartments or colder climates, you can buy cheap air-dryers that work just as well.

How Else Can You Save Money Around The House?

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