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Private health insurance can often seem like such an expensive drag. You’re paying out money each month and don’t seem to get any value from it! Billy Explores understands. Sometimes it’s just as easy to answer questions to show why private health cover is a good thing to have! In this blog, we will answer many of the FAQs about health insurance, and show the best way to compare health insurance to get the best deal for your and your family’s needs!

What is Private Health Insurance?

Private health insurance is designed to assist with some of the costs associated with medical care received outside of a hospital setting from private extras providers. You may be able to receive private patient care at both public and private hospitals with the support of private health insurance, which may also help pay for any ‘extras’ service costs. Treatment services like physiotherapy, dentistry, optical, and others might be included as extras.

What is Covered By Private Health Insurance?

Three types of private health insurance are available:
– Hospital Cover
– Extras Cover
– Hospital and Extras Cover (Combined)

You may be able to receive care as a private patient at both public and private hospitals if you have Private Hospital Cover. Other types of medical treatment that Medicare typically does not cover may be covered through Extras Cover (Eg: physiotherapy and optical).

How Does Private Health Insurance Actually Work?

You may be able to lower the cost of some medical care with the aid of private health insurance. This medical treatment can be provided to you whether you are a private patient receiving care in a public or private hospital or through a variety of outpatient programmes. You must belong to a private health fund and keep your policy’s premiums current in order to continue your coverage.

What Is The Best Health Insurance?

There is no “best” health insurance policy, but it’s important to pick one that works for you and your situation including health, budget and family. The best thing is, it’s so easy to compare health insurance policies from a panel of health insurance funds through Billy Explores! It’s that simple!

Why Do I Need Private Health Insurance?

Despite the excellent public healthcare system in Australia, depending on your situation, private health insurance may be helpful. Private health insurance can not only give you peace of mind, but also a number of advantages, whether it’s due to your life stage, lifestyle, or simply planning for the unforeseen. In most cases, private health insurance may let you choose the doctor who will treat you. It may also help with the costs of medical care that is not covered by Medicare, speed up the waiting period for elective surgery, and let you receive treatment as a private patient in both private and public hospitals.

Am I Covered As Soon As I Take Out Private Health Insurance?

When you join a health fund or increase your level of cover you may have to wait some time before you are able to claim benefits. This waiting period protects you and others in your health fund by making sure that people cannot join a health fund solely for the purpose of making a claim, and then dropping their cover. This type of “hit and run” behaviour results in increased premiums for everyone.

How Do I Get The Cheapest Health Insurance?

The answer to this is that the cheapest health insurance might not be the best for your current situation and needs. The best thing to do is compare health insurance through Billy Explores, and make sure that you get a great health insurance policy from our panel of providers.

What’s The Easiest Way To Compare Health Insurance?

The easiest way to compare health insurance is through Billy Explores! You can save time and effort and explore potential savings, just by click below!

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