Private Health Insurance For Sports Injuries

Do you play sports? Do you think of yourself as a sportsperson or an athlete? If so, chances are you’ve thought about what would happen if you got hurt. Billy knows a lot about sports injuries, and how important it is to have private health insurance for sports injuries (Billy is a bit of a soccer player!).

Here we will talk a little about private health insurance, the differences between Medicare and private health insurance for sports injuries, they best ways in Australia to do a health insurance comparison for sports injuries and finally help you with your own private health insurance comparison.

Who Do A Private Health Insurance Comparison For Sports Injuries?

Even though people in general should take their time and think carefully about their health insurance options, this can be even more important for athletes and sports players. Because sports are often physical and sometimes aggressive or dangerous, athletes are often more likely to get hurt than other people.

Also, as sports get more competitive and professional in younger leagues, doctors are seeing more and more serious sports injuries in children.

Even though Australians can get Medicare and some sports organisations offer additional sports health insurance, it is important to know what is covered and where there are still health coverage liabilities. Of course, when you’re thinking about sport it’s also important to do a private health insurance comparison for sports injuries. And it’s not just Medicare vs Private Health Insurance that needs comparison – it’s important to compare health insurance in Australia for all types of sports.

Because the health insurance you’re given might not cover all possible or likely sports risks, people who play sports should often think about getting additional health insurance to make sure they’re really covered in case of an accident or sports injury.

Obviously, the type and amount of sports you do are important things to think about and compare when looking for health insurance. It’s also important to think about any injuries you’ve had in the past and how they might affect your body in the long run if you keep playing sports.

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How To Do A Private Health Insurance Comparison For Sports Injuries

Athletes should look at the nature of their sport, such as how hard it is and how often they do it, to decide if they need extra coverage. Especially in Australia, a health insurance comparison will need this information. They should also think about things that aren’t related to medicine, like travel and the need for a possible income replacement for work that isn’t related to sports.

Most surgeries related to sports will not be seen as an emergency by Medicare – this is a major difference between Medicare and Private Health Insurance. In other words, most sports injuries that need surgery will be covered by Medicare as elective surgeries. When you get Medicare, you may have to wait months for a surgery that you choose.

After thinking about your health care needs for sports and other things, choose an insurance plan that fits your priorities. Private health insurance gives customers a lot of choices, so they can get as much or as little coverage as they need. You can compare hospital cover in Australia, compare extras cover in Australia and even find the best optical extras cover when you do a private health insurance comparison.

What Is A Sports Accident? Is There A Difference Between Medicare And Private Health Insurance?

No, both Medicare and Private Health Insurance deem a sports accident the same. When a player gets hurt by accident while training for or playing a sport, this is called a sport accident.

But in some sports insurance policies, this can be expanded to include damage to property, vehicles, and people who are not players.

Think about what could happen if too many people were allowed into a crowded grandstand. There could be a crush and stampede, or one person could get a minor back injury.
Injuries can (and do) happen at sports venues, but most personal insurance policies define a sport accident as an injury you (or the insured) get while participating in a sport. You wouldn’t even think to include that if you looking to compare health insurance in Australia would you!

There are many reasons why injuries happen in sports.

If a player doesn’t warm up enough, their muscles are more likely to get sprained or torn. Repetitive motion or bad sports equipment can also cause damage to the body.

75% of all sports injuries in Australia are caused by some of the most popular sports, like football (Aussie Rules, League, and Union), soccer, basketball, netball, hockey, and cricket.

But you don’t have to play a sport with a lot of contact to get hurt from it! Even walking, running, and dancing can put you in danger, especially if you do them quickly or try to reach new fitness goals. Physical activity is good for us, and playing sports is an important part of living a healthy, fit life.

But it’s clear that anyone can get hurt while playing sports.

Because of this, a lot of Australians look for personal health and life insurance plans that fit their hobbies and way of life.

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Medicare vs Private Health Insurance For Sports Injuries

As mentioned above, there are many differences between Medicare and Private Health Insurance for sports injuries. It is important to look at all the information available in Australia to do a health insurance comparison (and of course the private health insurance comparison vs Medicare).

First and foremost you will want to compare hospital cover in Australia available relevant to your sport (and look at the potential of impacts between Medicare and Private Health Insurance).

High Risk Injuries: Are They Covered Under Private Health Insurance For Sports Injuries?

If an athlete wants to make sure they have enough health insurance, they should always think about injuries that happen often or are more likely in their sport. For example, some of the most common soccer injuries are cartilage tears and anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) sprains.

Most of the time, surgery is needed to fix these kinds of injuries. Thankfully the majority of these injuries are not life-threatening, so Medicare is likely to think of them as elective surgeries (that pesky Medicare vs Private Health insurance again)

In the worst cases, Medicare patients waiting for elective surgery can have to wait for more than a year. You don’t need to understand if you’re comparing Medicare vs Private Health Insurance and want to get back onto the field, that Private Health Insurance is the best for sports injuries.

People who need orthopedic surgery, like many athletes with knee injuries, usually have to wait over two months, or up to 70 days! Imagine not being able to play sport or be in agony for that long. Not a good plus against Medicare vs Private Health Insurance.

There are also a number of other common sports injuries that may need specialist help, including:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Chiropractor
  • Podiatry
  • Dental

So, if an athlete knows he or she is more likely to get a certain injury, he or she should make sure he or she has enough insurance to pay for the treatment (this is where dental health cover comes into it).

How To Compare Health Insurance In Australia For Sport Injuries

So, now we know a little bit more about in Australia how to do a health insurance comparison for sports injuries. Of course, you will want to start your very own private health insurance comparison journey. The best news is that Billy Explores is here to help you do just that! Compare hospital cover in Australia, find the best optical extras cover for your needs, compare extras cover overall, or even find the best private health insurance for dental. It’s so easy to start your own private health insurance comparison and find the best value health insurance for sports injuries. Just click right here.