Should I Get Private Health Insurance As An Athlete Or Sport Player?

Are you an avid sports player?  Do you consider yourself an athlete?  Do you train every day at the gym? You’re doing a lot more than Billy Explores is doing if that’s the case. But if you are, odds are you have thought about how you would be covered if you had an injury of some sort.

Naturally private health insurance is very worthwhile for the general population, however private health insurance can be even more crucial for athletes, sports players and regular gym goers. This is because the active and sometimes aggressive or dangerous nature of sports, athletes are, often times, more prone to injury than the general population.

Furthermore, doctors are seeing an increase in children obtaining serious sports injuries as sports become more competitive and professional in younger leagues.

While Australians are eligible for Medicare, and some sports organisations provide some supplemental sports health insurance, Aussies still need to understand what is covered under their health insurance policy, and where health coverage liabilities still exist.

Because the provided health insurance may not cover all potential or likely sports risks, those who participate in sports activities often should consider supplemental health insurance options to ensure that they are truly covered in the event of an accident or sports injury.

Of course, the type and frequency of sport is important in considering and comparing health insurance options.  It is also important to be mindful of any previous injuries and how your body might be affected down the line with continued sports activity.

What Do You Need To Consider When Comparing Health Insurance?

Athletes should evaluate the nature of their sport (e.g. its intensity and the frequency of their participation) to determine what additional coverage they need.  They should also consider non-medical related factors such as travel and the need for potential income replacement for their non-sports related work

Will Medicare Cover Sport Related Injuries and Surgeries?

Medicare will likely deem sport related surgeries as non-emergency.  In other words, most sports injuries that require surgery will lead to elective surgeries under Medicare.  The wait time for Medicare elective surgeries can span over months.

After considering your sports and non-sports related healthcare needs, choose an insurance plan that accommodates your priorities.  Private Health Insurance provides flexibility that enables customers to get coverage that is as minimal or as comprehensive as they need.

We hear you wanting to know more about private health insurance and extras health insurance before you make a decision – well, here we go!

What is Private Health Insurance?

Private health insurance is cover you buy to cover yourself for any medical expenses you may have in the future. It is made up of two separate components – hospital cover and extras cover. Billy has already done the hard yards for you and has some very handy guides here for you to read.

Normally purchased as part of your private health insurance, extras cover  covers smaller medical expenses not covered under your general hospital cover or the Medicare scheme. Depending on your health fund, it can also include other ancillary health items that help your general health and wellbeing such as paying for gym or natural therapies.

What is Extras Cover?

As with hospital cover, health insurance providers will offer different levels of extras policy cover, and can include items such as:

  • Dental treatment
  • Medical equipment/appliances
  • Optical (such as glasses or contact lenses)
  • Physiotherapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Alternative and Natural therapies (acupuncture, naturopathy)
  • Chiropractic treatment
  • Gym memberships and other health programs
  • Psychology
  • Ambulance
  • Pharmaceuticals not covered by the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme

If you know you are going to use a lot of these services, it’s a great idea to have the appropriate services covered under your health insurance extras –those that aren’t covered under general Medicare. Billy thinks it’s most important that you compare health insurance today if you’re already very active and don’t have a health insurance policy.

What Private Health Insurance Options Are Best For Athletes?

Both comprehensive hospital cover and extras cover is recommended. You just need to make sure you compare health insurance providers to get the best value deal for you. Here are some top tips for comparing health insurance for your needs.

Compare Private Health Insurance Options Through Billy Explores

So, you’ve got the information you need now as a sports person, athlete or gym goer. Private health insurance is definitely recommended. The best way to get the best value policy for your needs is to compare health insurance options through Billy Explores that our panel of providers offers! This way to you can really set the bar higher and be sure.

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  • Do I Need Private Health Insurance As An Athlete?

    Yes, it is recommended to have private health insurance if you are an athlete. As Medicare will generally deem these type of surgeries as non-emergency, this means you might be waiting for months for surgery in the public system. If you don’t have a health insurance policy already, the best idea is to compare health insurance policies through Billy Explores.

  • Should I Get Both Hospital and Extras Cover?

    This is entirely up to you and your personal situation. You need to look at your sport and if you think you will be getting injured. Extras cover can also provide additional items like massage and other services which can help in recovery. The best way to see if you can get the best value health insurance for your needs is to compare health insurance through Billy Explores and see what health insurance policy and extra options are available from our panel of providers.