Why Dental Health Insurance Is Important

It is well known that a person’s mouth shows a lot about their overall health. Dental health and hygiene are directly linked to the health of other parts of the body, so it’s important to go to the dentist often to make sure your mouth is in top shape. However many people might be surprised to know that there is a large difference between Medicare and public health insurance and the way both Medicare and private health insurance treat dental care.

Billy knows that going to the dentist does cost money though, which is why it’s important to have good dental health insurance (and of course doing a dental health insurance comparison through Billy Explores to help find the best dental health insurance for your needs!) Let’s find out a little bit more about dental care, the difference between Medicare and Private Health Insurance when we’re talking about dental coverage, and finally doing a dental health insurance comparison through Billy Explores.

What is Dental Care?

Dental care is the care of the teeth and mouth provided by a dentist, dental specialist or other health professional. In Australia, dental services are provided by public dental services or by private dentists.

Dental costs vary widely from dentist to dentist. That is because there are no standard fees for dentists like there are for doctors. Dentists charge different amounts according to where they practise and what methods they use.

Medicare vs Private Health Insurance – Who Covers Dental?

The Australian Government does not cover the costs of most dental services in the way it does with other health services. Most dental costs are paid for by patients. This is a key difference between Medicare and Private Health Insurance.

However, Medicare does pay for some essential dental services for some children and adults who are eligible.

Child Dental Benefits Schedule: This pays $1,000 over 2 calendar years for children aged 2 to 17 for basic dental services, including dental check-ups, x-rays, cleaning, sealing cracked teeth, fillings, root canals and extractions. It does not cover orthodontic or cosmetic dental work or any dental care provided in hospital.

Most of the services are bulk billed, so you don’t pay anything. The payments are only available to families who are already receiving other government benefits. To see if your child is eligible, visit the Services Australia website.

Public dental services: The states and territories provide public dental services both for children and adults. These may include emergency dental services or referrals to specialist services like orthodontics in hospitals. Adults must generally have a Health Care Card or Centrelink Pensioner Concession Card to be eligible, although the rules vary depending on where you live.

Where Does This Leave Aussies With Dental Care? Choose Between Medicare and Private Health Insurance!

Well, Aussies have such a good medical safety net with Medicare vs Private Health Insurance, you would be amiss to actually think that dental wouldn’t be covered! So, here are some things everyday Aussies can do:

Pay For Private Health Insurance

Now we know the difference between Medicare and Private Health Insurance care for your teeth could mean going to the dentist twice a year to have them cleaned, or it could mean spending thousands of dollars on oral surgery. Problems can happen at any time, whether or not you floss every day, so the best way to keep your wallet from getting hurt is to have coverage for your dentist office visits. 

Most dental plans cover all or a good chunk of the cost of dental work. You can also make sure the items you need for your dental health care is part of the policy when you compare health insurance providers through Billy Explores (and a dental insurance in Australia comparison too of course).

Maintain Oral Health

Aside from getting dental health insurance, the best way to avoid having to pay thousands of dollars in dental bills is to keep track of your mouth’s overall health of course! When you get your teeth cleaned and checked out regularly, a professional can keep an eye on your health. Most dental insurance plans pay for regular checkups, which will help you a lot in the long run. Just be wary of gap fees.

Peace of Mind

Dental health insurance is, at the very least, a way to protect your smile. Your insurance will cover you if anything happens to your teeth at any time. Dental health insurance pays off in a big way that is hard to ignore for you and your family.

Dental Insurance in Australia, Comparison Through Billy Explores

The best way to get the best value dental extras health insurance for your needs is to do a private health insurance comparison through Billy Explores. It’s that easy! Through our panel of providers, we will get the best dental insurance that will keep your teeth pearly white and healthy.

Medicare vs Private Health Insurance Comparison

Now you know a little bit more about the differences between Medicare and Private Health Insurance in how they treat dental care. As mentioned above, the best way to get a better deal on your health insurance that meets your dental needs is through Billy Explores. Doing a dental insurance in Australia comparison is so easy (as is comparing health insurance in Australia!). All you have to do to get started is click here.