Will Private Health Insurance Save You Money in 2023?

Are you stressed and worried about your future health and the health of those you love? Lots of Aussies unfortunately do – however there is a great way to feel safe and secure. Private health insurance is a great way to ensure that you and your family have access to the best medial care possible, and quicker access as well. Private health insurance provides more options for medical services and additional medical services that Medicare doesn’t provide.

Even better, private health insurance save you money on medical costs in 2023! Wait Billy, we hear every day Aussies say – is that easy? Yes – it’s as easy as comparing health insurance through Billy Explores. So the best things is to compare health insurance Australia, through Billy Explores.

Key Facts:

  • You can save money with private health insurance in a number of ways, including on out-of-pocket expenses and government rebates.
  • When getting private health insurance, stay away from the Medicare Levy Surcharge and Lifetime Loading fee.
  • Prior to April 1st, you can avoid the premium price hike and possibly qualify for sign-up bonuses by purchasing private health insurance.
  • Keep in mind that you are not restricted to a single policy and can alter your health insurance coverage at any moment. You can modify your plan in accordance with the situation.

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What is private health insurance?

The purpose of private health insurance is to help with some of the costs related to medical treatment in a private hospital, and out of hospital with private extras providers. Private health insurance can allow you to be treated as a private patient in a public and private hospital, and can help cover some expenses related to ‘extras’ services. Extras can include treatment services such as physiotherapy, dental, optical, and more.

You have more options for your healthcare if you have private health insurance. For instance, your insurer may allow you to select any private hospital’s agreed-upon surgeon, obstetrician, or specialist. By purchasing private health insurance, you can also stay away from tax benefits and penalties.

Private Health Insurance vs Medicare (The Public System)

Through Medicare, which is supported Aussie’s tax money, the general public has access to healthcare. Private hospitals and other service providers inside the system, including specialists or pharmacy services, are included in this.

In addition, there is a separate non-profit organisation called the “Health Care Australia Foundation” (HCF) that exists solely to offer grants of help to persons in need of medical care. Hospitals and specialists with private ownership or management, such as those with their own pharmacies, are examples of private healthcare providers.

How Can You Save On Your Health Insurance in 2023?

If you’re looking to save on your health insurance, or are wondering if you can save money on your health insurance, then Billy Explores is here to help with these handy tips.

1. A range of choices

You can select and choose your policy, whether you want a basic Hospital and advanced Extras plan, a Hospital or Extras only coverage, etc. With all these options at your disposal, you may choose the appropriate coverage for your needs and budget.

2. Prepay and save on your health cover

It makes financial sense to pay your health insurance premiums in advance. It merely makes sense on both sides because some insurers give you discounts on the total cost if you pay them in advance for an entire year.

3. Pay less tax!

Rebates for private health insurance are a great method to lower your premiums. It’s worth investigating because the Australian government offers up to 33% back during tax season.

4. Limited out-of-pocket costs

Investing in health insurance is an excellent strategy to guard against the high cost of medical care. Private health insurance with Extras coverage might occasionally—but not always—pay off because it will pay for services like physiotherapy or dental work that might otherwise be pricey without this additional barrier between patient and provider!

5. Avoid the Medicare Levy Surcharge

High-income workers who do not have the required amount of private health insurance are subject to an additional tax known as the Medicare Levy Surcharge. It is gathered by the government and used to pay for healthcare initiatives for senior Australians. You are exempt from paying the fee if you acquire a private health insurance plan.

6. Steer Clear of Lifetime Health Cover Loading

Lifetime Health Cover loading was developed to reassure those who are still unsure of their health insurance coverage and desire the security that comes from knowing they are protected. After the age of 31, people who do not have private health insurance must pay an annual fee. You won’t have to pay the loading fee if you have private health insurance.

How To Compare Health Insurance Policies

Everyone needs health insurance, but not all forms of medical protection are made equal. It pays to do your homework before buying health insurance, especially if you’re looking for private medical coverages, so be sure to glance through these five steps:

  1. Choose the health insurance that best fits your needs, stage of life, and budget.
  2. Access a panel of health insurance providers and policies through Billy Explores.
  3. Compare health insurance costs, benefits, features, and waiting times of different policies.
  4. Submit an application for a health insurance policy that you are certain will offer you good value for your money.

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