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Nothing More Aussie Than Comparing Health Insurance

Nothing More Aussie Than Comparing Health Insurance

It’s the 26th January, the day officially known as Australia Day. But to us here at Billy Explores, there’s another awesome thing about Australia Day. And that’s helping everyday Aussies explore better deals on their health insurance, comparing their life insurance, or even finding a better value electricity provider, and potentially save money.

Here’s how every day Aussies can compare and potentially switch and save money through Billy Explores! Even better, Billy Explores is 100% made in Australia!

Compare Health Insurance

Don’t just cancel your health insurance because you think you’re not getting any value from it! Just make sure you’re getting the right policy for the right price – and the cheapest health insurance isn’t always the best health insurance! The best thing to do is do a health insurance comparison through Billy Explores. You can save time and effort and explore potential savings, and get the best health insurance for your needs and budget from our panel of providers.


Of course, not only can you do a private health insurance comparison, take five minutes this Australia Day and read the great advice that Billy Explores has pulled together about health insurance comparison.

Compare Life Insurance

You’re out spending quality time with your family today, and then you realise the need to make sure they’re protected financially should the unexpected happen to you. The best way is through Billy Explores! Again, the same answer to the question of ‘what is the best health insurance, the answer to the question of ‘what is the best life insurance’ is, the cheapest life insurance isn’t necessarily the best. The best life insurance is one that fits your needs and within your budget. The best way to find that is the compare life insurance options, and the easiest way to save time is to do your life insurance comparison through Billy Explores! To get started on your life insurance comparison journey, just click here.

Compare Energy Providers

Australia Day really sees the temperature heating up which means your electricity bill and energy bill will also increase. We know there’s no better way to spend your Australia Day in the air-con, but you also want to be able to  make sure you’re not overspending on your electricity bill, or get energy bill shock! It’s so easy to compare energy providers through Billy Explores… all you have to is click here and then easily be able to compare energy and electricity deals from our panel of providers!

Billy Explores is about to head to the beach now and enjoy the day, after helping every day Aussies potentially save money or get a better deal on their health insurance, life insurance and energy bill! Compare energy providers today!

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