Get the Best Life Insurance for Your Needs

Get the Best Life Insurance for Your Needs

There’s plenty of different life insurance options out there, so it can get pretty confusing working it all out. That’s why Billy Explores has put together this handy reference guide for all you need to know. If you want the best life insurance for your individual needs, read on to find out more!

Life Insurance

Life insurance, as most people commonly know it, is a form of ‘death cover’. Your family can be entitled to a lump-sum payment if you were to pass away. The best life insurance ensures the bills are paid and your family is cared for in case the worst happens.

Total Permanent Disablement (TPD) Cover

TPD cover is for accidents or injuries, particularly ones that prevent you from earning an income. Depending on your type of cover, you could get a lump sum if you’re unable to work in your normal career. A different level of cover looks after you if you’re unable to work in any career.

Income Protection

Income protection is extremely popular, and certainly one of the best life insurance policies you can buy. If you’re injured, sick or unable to work, you can be entitled to up to 75% of your normal wage. Ensure you have some money coming in while you recover, and consider income protection today!

Trauma Insurance

Trauma insurance is similar to TPD cover. The difference is, however, trauma insurance covers you for temporary disablement. You could get a lump sum payment, for example, if you were diagnosed with cancer and needed extended time away from work. There’s a huge range of eligible injuries/conditions, so check with your insurance provider.

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