Australia Has Spoken - 2022 Election

Australia Has Spoken - 2022 Election

Australia Has Spoken - 2022 Election

Australians went to the polls on Saturday 21 May 2022, and have resoundingly spoken about the need for change.

While Labor appears to still be on track to form a majority government, a massive swing against both major parties towards Independent and Green candidates should prove to the major parties the concerns of every day Australians weren’t being heard.

Particularly the Independents went to the polls with a platform on the cost of living, including private health insurance premiums and energy costs. Greens went to the polls focussed on climate change and renewable energy.

Labor did announce that “Strengthening Medicare” was one it’s key election platforms, outlined its commitment to prop up the ailing primary care system, with a A$970m funding package, however there was very little detail contained within the report. This includes how they will manage private health insurance premiums, GP visits and hospitals.

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