Lock In Your Energy Deals Now To Beat The 1 July Price Rise

Lock In Your Energy Deals Now To Beat The 1 July Price Rise

Aussies will have to tighten their wallets just a little bit more come July 1, 2022 when energy prices are set to soar.

The much publicized increase in electricity prices will put further pressure on both wholesalers and households. Wholesalers will have to try to keep energy prices down to keep customers, while households will be looking to minimize their electricity bills and energy bills as much as possible.

Major retailers such as Origin Energy are offering great deals for Aussies, as well as lots of advice as how to reduce household energy bills.

The energy crisis isn’t just confided to one state, unfortunately the whole of Australia will be impacted by these electricity and energy price rises.

Billy Explores has some handy energy saving tips available for Aussies to use, however the best way to beat the price rise is by locking in your electricity rates with your energy provider before 1 July 2022.

Aussies are urged to compare energy providers and see if they can get a better deal on their electricity through Billy Explores – for free. The best thing is, they will also be able to easily switch on the spot to a better electricity plan and lock it in for the year. To start comparing energy providers for free, all Aussies have to do is click here.

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