Medibank - What Customers Can Do Following Cyberattack

Medibank - What Customers Can Do Following Cyberattack

Like many Medibank customers, Billy Explores has been extremely worried for every day Aussies caught up in the recent  cyberattack and data breach. To help affected Aussie Medibank customers, we’ve pulled some information from about the options available to customers. Aussies are also recommended to do a private health insurance comparison to review their current insurance policy.

What Affected Customers Can Do Following Cyberattack

Here are the steps millions of worried Medibank customers can take after their data was compromised in a cyber attack.

Various forms of advice and support have been offered for Medibank customers after an internal investigation found criminals had access to all 3.9 million customers’ personal data and significant amounts of health claims data.

While it was initially believed it was only customers with ahm and international students policies, the insurance company has now said all customers were impacted by the hack.
The hacker has accessed very specific claims data which could include the medical conditions customers have been diagnosed with and treatments they were prescribed.

Recommended Steps for Affected Customers To Take

  • Replace their Medicare card, which can be done online through MyGov.
  • If they are concerned their identity has been compromised or they have been a victim of a scam, contact their bank immediately and call IDCARE on 1800 595 160.
  • If they believe there’s been unauthorised activity using their Medicare number, they can call Service Australia’s Scams and Identity Theft Help Desk.
  • Secure their devices and monitor their devices and accounts for unusual activity, and ensure they have the latest security updates.
  • Enable multi‑factor authentication for all accounts.
  • Be alert for scams referencing Medibank Private.
  • All Medibank and ahm customers can contact their cyber response hotlines by phone (for ahm customers 13 42 46 and for Medibank customers 13 23 31) or visit the information page on the website for any updates.
  • Customers can also speak to Medibank’s mental health professionals 24/7 over the phone for advice or support around mental health or wellbeing (1800 644 325).
  • Utilise a Medibank cybercrime customer support package set up for affected customers (it includes financial support, access to specialist identity protection advice and resources from IDCARE, free identity monitoring services for customers who have had their primary ID compromised and reimbursement of fees for reissue of identity documents)

“We have evidence that the criminal has removed some of our customers’ personal and health claims data and it is now likely that the criminal has stolen further personal and health claims data,” a statement from Medibank said.

“As a result, we expect that the number of affected customers could grow substantially.”

This could potentially include deeply personal information relating to sexual health, serious diagnoses such as cancer, whether a woman has undergone a termination, and whether a person has been treated for a mental health condition or substance abuse.”

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