6 Easy Money Saving Tips

Do you ever feel like the cost of living keeps going up and your wages aren’t keeping pace? Our modern world has so many expenses. Some are necessities, others are luxuries. Nobody likes being told to cut their luxuries, so let’s look at ways you can save money easily.

Daily Coffee

If you purchase multiple coffees in a day, try to skip one. This money saving tip will save you around $1,000 a year. Alternatively, switch from a large to a regular size. At one coffee per day, there’s nearly $100 a year and you’ll barely notice the difference.

Manage Those Vices!

If you smoke or drink, you can make some tiny changes and save heaps. For a heavy smoker, even cutting out one packet per week will save you well over $1,500 per year. When it comes to drinking, did you know that one less beer each week could put over $250 in your pocket every year?

Save on Household Energy

For more money saving tips read our detailed article about how you can save on energy at home. It’s easier than you think. You can also shop around for better energy deals. Gas and electricity providers offer generous deals for new customers, so let Billy Explores compare rates and find you the best deal.

Streaming Subscriptions

We know everyone loves a bit of Netflix, but the money saving tip is taking stock of your TV subscriptions. For example, many Foxtel customers with a full subscription have found they can switch to the streaming alternative on a basic package. Add in some Netflix and Stan, and you’ll still be paying heaps less per month.

Review Your Health Insurance

Many Australians are paying too much for private health cover. Check what your policy gives you. It could be that you’re paying for extras you don’t need. Compare health insurance today with Billy Explores, and get the best deal for your individual needs.

Plan Your Meals

Planning meals is a great way to slash your grocery budget. This money saving tip is easier than you think. Breakfast, lunch and dinner for 7 days a week. You’ll find you can make use of leftovers and take your lunch to work, hence saving more money. A good meal plan helps you only buy what you need, and shop just once a week.

Keep an Eye Out for More Money Savings Tips!

Finally, keep an eye on the advice Billy Explores gives you! Sure, Billy can help you compare energy, health insurance and life insurance. But furthermore he’s full of great money saving tips. Follow Billy on Facebook for regular money saving tips for your family.