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3 Tips to Save Money at Home: The Kitchen

3 Tips to Save Money at Home: The Kitchen

3 Tips to Save Money at Home: The Kitchen

Looking for ways to save money? Part of Billy Explores’s mission is to help everyday Aussies save money. But he’s not just all about finding you cheaper energy deals and better value private health insurance for your needs. Billy’s pretty practical, and when it comes to saving money, he’s the master! Everybody can save money at home. Here’s a few ways you can cut your weekly costs in the kitchen.

Cook in Bulk

There’s hardly anything that can’t be frozen, so why not cook in bulk? Some people cook a week’s worth of meals in one day. That’s one way to save on energy use, but if you’re not that organised you can still save money. When you cook one meal, just make twice as much and freeze the rest for another night. This cuts down on energy use and you also won’t waste as much fresh produce. Even better, it saves you heaps of time!

Save Money at Home with Smarter Dishwashing

We’ve all been guilty of letting dishes pile up, and then throwing everything in the dishwasher. But running the dishwasher uses considerably more electricity and hot water. Firstly, avoid using dishwasher space for large items like pots, pans and trays. They can be washed far more efficiently by hand. Furthermore, wait until your dishwasher is really full of smaller items. The less times you use it, the more you save money at home! Also, when updating whitegoods, get the most energy efficient products. They’ll save money at home in the long run.

Plan Meals Before You Shop

Link this tip in with the first one about cooking in bulk. If you physically write out a meal plan for each day of the week, you’ll find you buy less items you don’t need. And if you cook in bulk, you’ll save at home energy in oven and stovetop use. If you’re not good at planning every meal, try it with just dinner. Only buy what you need each week, and you’ll have less waste!

How Else Can You Save Money at Home?

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