How to Save Money on Car Expenses

How to Save Money on Car Expenses

Cars. For most of us, they’re a very expensive necessity. The purchase price is often bad enough, but how about ongoing expenses? They can be a black hole into which we’re endlessly throwing money. Through Billy Explores, everyday Aussies can see if they can save money, so we thought he would help with some handy hints on how to save money on car expenses as well!

Keep Away from the Car Wash

An automated car wash can cost anywhere from $14-$20. For the same price, you can pick up a decent car care kit and do it yourself – over and over!

Pay Registration Annually

Car registration can be paid for 6 or 12 months. Check your renewal notice next time. It works out cheaper to make one annual payment. Of course, you need to have that money available. If you put the money aside all year, it only costs around $11 each week to save for a $600 car registration.

Choose Insurance that Suits Your Needs

Many car insurance policies can be customised to suit your needs. Save money on car expenses by choosing an insurance policy that really works for you. If you don’t drive a lot, you can probably get cheaper car insurance.

Consider Vehicles That Really Suit Your Needs

We know, you love your 4WD or large SUV, but do you really need it? Petrol prices usually only go in one direction – up. Driving more fuel effective cars is great for the environment, but it will also give you some savings in your wallet too.

When I Save Money on Car Expenses, How Else Can I Save?

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