All You Need To Know About AGL Energy

Billy Explores is all about comparing energy providers and getting you a better deal on your electricity billy. Or of course, finding the cheapest energy deal for your needs. To help Aussies compare energy providers, it is important we give you an overview of all of the major electricity retailers in Australia. The first energy provider we will review is AGL. 

This way, you can compare energy providers through Billy Explores with all the information you need, whether you want to compare Energy Australia vs AGL, or even Alinta Energy vs AG! We have taken some of the information from the AGL website.

All About AGL Energy

For over 180 years, AGL Energy has been at the forefront of energy innovation in Australia.

From lighting the first gas street lamp in Sydney in 1841 to helping shape a sustainable energy future for Australia, AGL has a track record of leading change.

Proudly Australian, with more than 180 years’ experience, AGL Energy operates the country’s largest electricity generation portfolio, largest private investor in renewable energy, and provides 4.5 million electricity, gas, and telecommunications services to our residential, small and large business, and wholesale customers.

AGL Energy – Billy’s Overview

Unfortunately, AGL isn’t the cheapest energy provider, but it does offer some fixed-rate energy plans that are discounted for your first 12 months.

Obviously However, discounts and rates vary widely between electricity plans and states, anywhere between 2% to 22% less than the reference price. As with most providers, SA has the highest power prices, and NSW and QLD some of the lowest.

Although AGL used to have more in the way of perks and bonus features, the benefits customers can still get include:

  • A great app you can use for everything, from live chat to checking your electricity usage.
  • No lock-in contract so you can leave whenever you want
  • Ability to offset carbon emissions for power ($1 a week) and gas ($0.50 a week)
  • AGL Rewards program which gives customers loyalty rewards

Can I Get AGL Energy?

Unfortunately AGL isn’t available to every Aussie. This is even though AGL is a major energy provider with over 4.2 million customers. It offers electricity in NSW, Victoria, Queensland, and South Australia. And gas in NSW, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, and Western Australia.

Can I Bundle My Gas And Electricity With AGL?

Yes, you can have both gas and electricity on the same account with AGL (naturally of course as both are available in your state). This won’t make both electricity and the gas cheaper, but it will give you the convenience of having them both on the same bill and customer service.

Does AGL Offer Solar Plans?

AGL has dedicated Solar Saver plans for customers in NSW, QLD, and SA. It used to offer solar panel installations for residential households, but now you can only install solar with AGL if you’re running a small or medium business.

  • Watch out for: Solar Saver plans have higher feed-in tariffs but also higher usage and supply rates. They may not be the best option for all solar customers, depending on your usage habits.

How Good Is The Solar Feed-in Tariff?

To help everyday Aussies, we’ve broken down AGL’s feed-in tariffs state by state. Generally, AGL has good solar feed-in rates in every state except Victoria, where it only offers minimum rates.

  • NSW: 12c/kWh on the Solar Saver plan, 7c/kWh on the rest
  • VIC: 6.7c/kWh
  • QLD: 12c/kWh on the Solar Saver plan, 6c/kWh on the rest
  • SA: 12c/kWh on the Solar Saver plan, 8c/kWh on the rest

Does AGL Have A Green Energy Policy?

AGL customers can purchase accredited GreenPower renewable energy on all AGL energy plans.

It can also make your electricity plan or energy plan “carbon neutral” by offsetting your emissions for $1 a week for power, and $0.50 a week for gas. This program is certified by Climate Active, a government-backed program.

If you buy GreenPower, it might cost you:

  • $12 per quarter – 20% GreenPower ($1 a week)
  • $55 per quarter – 100% GreenPower (4.4c/kWh)

Note: 5,000 kWh was used as an average annual power consumption figure based on data from the 2020 Residential energy consumption benchmarks report for the AER. Power consumption varies by state and household size.

What is AGL’s Customer Service Like?

There are many different companies which review customer service, which means there are many different ways to compare energy providers. AGL’s customer service has varied feedback, so it’s difficult to make a statement about AGL’s customer service. Just as a footnote, AGL was actually penalised by EPA NSW for pollution in 2021!  

How Does AGL’s Bill Work?

To work out your bill, AGL calculates your average daily energy usage for the billing period. From this, AGL can work out your usage on both the old rates and new rates, which are added together to make up your bill. Billy Explores has already created a very handy guide to understanding your AGL bill, including how to pay your AGL bill, which can be found here

How Can I Contact AGL?

You might want to get in touch with AGL for any number of reasons, for example to pay my AGL bill, or query an AGL bill. The best thing is, as one of the leading providers in Australia, AGL has a few ways you can contact them every day of the week, and sometimes 24-7!

  • Ring the AGL support line from 8:00am – 8:30pm AEST weekdays, or 8:30am-4:30pm. You can contact them with any query about your AGL bill, energy plan or electricity bill.
  • Send a message to AGL through their social media
  • Email through the AGL website
  • Hope on a live chat on teh AGL website (available 24/7)
  • Use the AGL app, and get help from an AGL support rep. Here you can also check your AGL energy plan, check your electricity usage and update your contact details.

How Can I Switch To AGL?

It’s easy to switch to AGL. All you need to do is select your energy plan or electricity plan, contact them and make the switch. However, before you make the switch to AGL, Billy recommends comparing energy providers through Billy Explores and seeing if you can get a cheaper electricity deal that meets your needs.

Compare Energy Providers Through Billy Explores

Before you get your next bill shock, compare energy providers through Billy Explores. Even though you might have your heart set on the switch of energy providers to AGL, there might be a better electricity provider for your needs! Compare electricity providers and see if you can get a cheaper electricity deal for your needs through Billy Explores.

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  • Why Is My AGL Energy Bill So High?

    It’s possible that the higher bill you received is due to an estimated bill. There are a few reasons why AGL Energy might need to estimate your energy usage: The distributor had trouble accessing your meter. This could be due to your meter being indoors, behind a locked gate, or guarded by a dog. There are lots of reasons which you can find here. You can always call AGL Energy to chat about your bill. If you’re not happy with the outcome, come and compare energy providers through Billy Explores and see if you can get a cheaper electricity deal.

  • Is AGL better than Energy Australia?

    There’s a lot of factors when you’re comparing AGL vs Energy Australia. In NSW, AGL has the cheapest electricity price when compared to Energy Australia. Of course, this doesn’t mean that AGL is better than Energy Australia in other states. Billy Explores recommends comparing energy deals and seeing if you can get a better electricity deal for your needs.

  • Who Is Cheaper - AGL vs Energy Australia?

    With the differences in pricing between states, we need to look at which deal is cheapest in NSW; AGL or EnergyAustralia? In NSW, AGL has the cheapest price when compared to Energy Australia. Why not compare compare energy providers including AGL vs Energy Australia through Billy Explores. You might even find a cheaper electricity provider that meets your needs!