Working From Home - How Much Electricity Does a Computer use?

Working From Home - How Much Electricity Does a Computer Use?

Billy Explores hated the last two years of lockdowns, COVID and working from  home – it meant he couldn’t get out and explore the world! However the past two years has also seen a massive rise in people working from home, and without thinking or understanding they have seen their power consumption skyrocket. Then they have got bill shock! That’s something Billy doesn’t like for Aussies. But how much does a computer actually cost to run? Have you ever even thought about technology power consumption? Here Billy can get you thinking about actual computer running costs and give you some energy saving tips for computers if you’re working from home!

What To Expect With Energy Bill If You’re Working From Home

There are so many different costs you need to think about when you’re working from home. Without even really thinking about it, you will be using a lot more power consumption throughout the day which will be reflected on your energy bill each quarter. Technology you wouldn’t normally run throughout the day includes air-conditioning, kitchen, you’ll be running more lights and entertainment (TV, radio etc). Keep reading to find out more and some helpful tips to save some money!

Technology Power Consumption

But Billy, you’re asking, how much desktop and laptop power consumption and electricity consumption is there really? We use it all the time in the office! There you go! If you head back to the office after COVID you might start thinking about how to limit computer power consumption? If not, then we’ll break down some of your actual laptop power consumption or computer power consumption.

Computer Power Consumption

According to the ACT Government,, it costs $73 a year (energy rate of 26c/kWh) on average to run a desktop computer,. This can vary though depending on various factors, including:

  • computer use – how much do you actually use it
  • your energy provider
  • monitor – how big is it
  • how energy-efficient your processor is
  • your energy plan and tariff rate.

Don’t forget if you regularly use other devices as well your other devices such as printers, scanners, speakers – your bill may cost a lot more.

What’s The Electricity Usage of a Computer?

Everyone uses their computer differently, so it really depends on what you’re using your computer for (of course, the actual computer you’re using too and how energy efficient it is). While some computers may use as little as 0.08kWh per year, top of the range machines can chew through up to 0.3kWh of electricity. Assuming that a computer is on for eight hours a day, that’s 0.2kW to 0.9kW per year.

Is There a Different Cost To Work From Home Between the States?

Yes. Every state has a range of providers and different regulations. Find out more here. This means that electricity costs will change between states. Not that you will want to move states to get a cheaper electricity rate to simply work from home, but you can always compare and find out more about electricity in each state!

How Can I Save on Working From Home Energy Bills?

There’s a lot of energy saving tips you can do if you’re working from home!

  1. Reduce use of air conditioner and heating when at home.

This is a massive killer for your energy bill, as you’re running the air-con constantly when working from home. Why not check out these tips for summer and winter to help you turn off the unit and save money!

  1. Turn off devices at the wall

When not using devices such as tv, computers, printers and monitors, make sure you turn them off at the wall. Keeping them on stand-by mode just uses more electricity and ends up costing you more!

  1. Try to work during off-peak times not peak tariff times

You will also pay more from using more electricity during peak electricity usage times, when energy providers charge more for usage, so try to work more during off-peak. To figure out when your peak times are, check out your electricity bill. There’s a handy guide here.

  1. Compare electricity through Billy Explores!

Of course, you can also compare electricity providers and source a cheaper deal from our panel of providers.

ATO Approved Work From Home Expense

During COVID, the ATO approved a special work from home expense claim method, which includes energy bills. You can claim a set amount through your annual tax. To make it easy, the ATO has advised for hours worked at home for FY21 (1 July 2020 and 30 June 2021) Australians will be able to claim 80 cents per working hour for all their running costs.

How To Beat The Dreaded Bill Shock?

Don’t forget to check out some more great energy saving tips here.

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