Why Should I Switch My Energy Provider?

Why Should I Switch My Energy Provider?

All of our bills and expenses seem to have increased in the last couple of years. Our cost of living is going up and we can’t do anything about it! Well, you can do something small about it right now. If you’re sick of energy bills literally bursting at the seams and thinking of switching energy providers to compare energy, then perhaps it’s time to do an energy comparison and look around for a more affordable energy plan offer. If you’re thinking of switching energy providers, Billy Explores can help. Read on!

Should I Switch Energy Providers or Compare Energy Prices?

There are many reasons that you should look to switch energy providers, plus a lot of factors that come in to play before you make that decision to switch energy provider. Here we will give you a range of steps and questions so you can compare energy price and find the best electricity provider for your needs.

After you’ve made the decision to compare your energy plans, and potentially switch energy provider, then use Billy’s helpful steps and tips below to find the best electricity provider for your needs!

Comparing and switching energy providers doesn’t have to be a hassle. You can easily get help comparing through Billy Explores, you’ll be able to find a better deal, cancel your current electricity plan and make the switch to the best electricity provider for you faster than it took me to outrun a crocodile on my latest trek. And believe me… that’s pretty fast!

Step 1: Can I Actually Switch Electricity Providers Given Where I Live?

Firstly, you need to ask yourself if you can actually switch energy suppliers before you start the process. Each state in Australia has different a energy plan and retailers. See below if you can switch energy:

ACT – You can switch electricity providers, but as it’s a regulated market there is very little difference in pricing.

NSW – Yes, you may compare energy and switch energy providers

NT – With two electricity retailers Yes, there are two retailers, Jacana Energy and Rimfire Energy, but there’s little variation in pricing as this is a regulated market

Qld – You can switch your energy provider only if you live in South-East Queensland

SA – Yes

Tas – Yes, there are three retailers, Aurora Energy, 1st Energy, and Future X, but there’s little variation in pricing as this is a regulated market

Vic – Yes

WA – Yes, in some places, but there’s little variation in pricing as this is a regulated market.

Step 2: Do You Know How Your Electricity Bill Works?

Before you can even think about comparing energy plan and retailers, and finding the best electricity provider for you needs, you need to know how your electricity plan and bill works so you can compare energy price.

Every electricity provider is different with their bills, including information contained on them. This can be very frustrating for consumers, however once it’s all laid out it’s very easy to understand. Check out this very handy guide to how electricity bills work here

Step 3: Does Your Provider Charge an Exit Fee?

Finding if you’ll have to pay an exit fee to cancel your contract is the first step you need to take before you start searching for a new provider. To see whether or not you’re liable, check your latest bill or place a call to your energy supplier.

If you discover that you’re up for an exit fee or fees, there’s no need to stress. Most of the time cancelling your contract will only incur a small cost, which may end up being lower than what you’ll save in the long run anyway.

Step 4: What is Your Annual Energy Usage And Current Energy Plan?

The next question before you can switch energy providers is how much is your current annual electricity usage and what is your energy plan? You will be able to get this information from your electricity bill. Once you know how much you actually use in a year and what you’re currently paying, you’ll be in a much better spot to start the switch energy provider process!

Most bills encompass a main charge such as a daily supply charge, a usage charge or a demand charge, plus a tariff. It’s also useful to know how many kilowatt hours (kWh) you typically use in a billing cycle and how they change during the peak seasons of winter and summer. All of these figures can then be used as a handy marker for making comparisons before switching energy providers.

Step 5: Confirm If You Have Gas? A Bundled Deal Can Be Better for Your Wallet.

If your house has both gas and electricity, you might also want to think about bundling both services together with the same provider. This is often a cheaper and more convenient alternative to paying different fees to different suppliers.

Not only is one bill easier to manage, but many providers also offer a rebate on your annual statement if you pay your bills on time!

That’s not to mention the secret discounts that suppliers don’t advertise online! Lucky for you, Billy Explores can access these deals on your behalf when you compare!

So, you’ve done the groundwork above to switch energy provider, now comes the fun part of starting to compare energy price, and potentially switch energy providers.

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Who Are The Major Electricity Retailers?

Of course, before you compare energy and actually switch energy, you want to know who the major energy suppliers are out there! As mentioned above, each state has different electricity retailers. For more information, click on the state that’s relevant to you.

Compare Electricity Rates SA

Compare Electricity Rates ACT

Compare Electricity Rates NSW

Compare Electricity Rates In VIC

Compare Electricity Rates QLD

Compare Electricity Rates SA

How Should You Select Your Next Energy Provider?

Excellent question! When you want to switch energy, of course you want to know how you compare energy providers and what factors come into play with this decision! This is critical, as price is not always important to some consumers.

While price is normally key factor, there’s so much more you can miss when negotiating with those tricky energy suppliers! When weighing different options, it’s important to ask a potential supplier the following questions:

  • What are their rates?
  • Do they charge an exit fee?
  • What is their green energy rating?
  • Do they offer special discounts to new customers?
  • What is their supply charge?
  • What are the lock-in terms of their contract?

The beauty of comparing through Billy Explores is that all the complicated background work is done for you. All you have to do is sit back and explore potential savings from our panel of providers!

Is Green Energy Important to You?

Many energy providers are moving into green energy or renewable energy options such as wind turbines. Before you start to compare energy suppliers, you need to think about whether this is important to you as not all energy providers offer it, and some make their customers pay a premium for it.

Let Billy Explores potentially find you a better deal from a provider who is serious about renewable energy.

How Good Is The Customer Service For Your Next Preferred Electricity Retailer?

A good final step before you compare your energy plan and do the final switch on your energy, is to find out how good the customer service is for each provider. This can be as simple as reading reviews or finding out what star rating they are. Also, its important to identify HOW the electricity provider offers customer service. If you want to speak to a customer service representative in Australia on the phone, then it’s important to find out if they offer this service.

Final Step – It’s Time To Compare Your Energy Plan

Now for the fun part! Once you’ve got an idea of how much you’re paying each billing cycle, it’s time to let Billy Explores take over and compare your plan with those of other energy providers. Remember, we’re not just looking for the cheaper offer here. It’s all about the big picture.

This step involves asking for a few details about your current situation. Competitors will then be vetted to find out what their billing cycles are and whether they have any fixed costs or late fees. The process will also look to see if you qualify for any special discounts and if you’re free to switch to another energy provider whenever you’d like without having to pay an exit fee.

Making the Switch to a Better Provider

Once the overview of your needs and budget are sorted, plus the plans that other providers are offering, it’s time to get exploring!

Switching energy providers won’t take long and everything will be taken care of for you. If you’re considering switching energy suppliers and think you could benefit from using these energy comparison services, then get comparing today and you might be able to save enough money to buy the plane seat next to Billy Explores!

See if you can save today!

Join thousands of others who have switched and saved with Billy Explores

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