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How To Connect Electricity

There’s a few reasons why you might need to know how to connect electricity. It could be that you’re moving house, or even moving interstate. Imagine picking up the keys to your new house to find you don’t have any power for that first night in your dream home. Nobody likes a cold shower, that’s why it’s important to know how to connect electricity at your new place.

The process is pretty simple and most people won’t run into any problems, but it’s important you know who to call, what to do, and how much it might cost. The great thing is, it gives you a chance to compare energy providers and maybe save some money during the transition. Read on to find out more…

Connecting a New Electricity Service

Much like disconnecting your old service, you simply need to fill in the form on this page. There may be a connection fee which will likely show up on your first bill, so make sure you check with the energy specialist so you don’t get a nasty surprise when receiving your energy bill. If you’re staying with the same energy company you can do it all in one phone call. We absolutely recommend doing a bit of research before making that choice.

The key thing to remember when connecting your new electricity service is to give the energy provider some time. The process is pretty quick these days, but we recommend giving them at least a week’s advance notice. There’s nothing worse than moving in and having no electricity, even if it does give you the perfect excuse to go out for an explore around the neighbourhood.

Electricity is one of those things that is set and forget because we don’t want the hassle of looking around for a better deal. However thanks to Billy Explores, it’s never been easier to search and compare cheaper electricity prices available from our panel of providers*. If you’re moving house it could be the perfect opportunity to let us help you find a better energy deal for your needs.

Is it Time to Switch Energy Providers?

Tasmania, Western Australia, the Northern Territory and parts of Queensland, do not have many available options. Electricity providers are concerned because energy services are regulated, meaning the Government controls the pricing. But if you’re in Victoria, New South Wales, South East Queensland, ACT or South Australia where the energy industry is deregulated, there’s a whole host of energy providers wanting to provide you with a better electricity deal (and perhaps even cheaper gas and electricity). This gives you a golden opportunity to shop around and see who is offering better prices and plans to suit your needs.

Due to this competition, energy providers offer a range of discounts. No sign-up fees, reduced rates for paying your energy bill on time, discounts for paying by direct debit are just a few discounts on offer. Their pricing also needs to be competitive, and their products innovative. Billy Explores shows you in depth on how to compare electricity rates.

If you think it’s time to make a change and save some money on your electricity bill, Billy Explores can help. Fill in the form to find cheaper electricity in your area.

Moving Interstate

If you’re moving interstate there’s a couple of things you need to keep in mind when you connect electricity. Some states have a deregulated energy industry which means there is full market competition among energy providers. In VIC, NSW, SEQ, ACT or SA, you’ll have the option of choosing from a range of electricity providers. All offering different deals. If you are wondering what the most populated cities are currently paying for their energy bills, check out the average electricity bill for Sydney and the average electricity bill for Melbourne.

If your destination is one of the other states and territories, the pricing will be set by the government. This means you will need to accept what’s on offer. This isn’t all bad! For example, Tasmania (Aurora Energy) and the Northern Territory (Power Water) has some of Australia’s lowest electricity prices, despite being regulated against market competition.

Also keep in mind that prices will vary between states, deregulated or not. A move from Queensland to South Australia will see you change from cheaper electricity to the most expensive*. Nobody packs up and moves states in pursuit of cheaper electricity, but it’s worth knowing the costs.

If you’re moving and want to find out more about switching energy providers, check out our comparison page, and let us make the process of how to connect electricity that much easier.


* ABC article – Curious Adelaide: why does SA have the nation’s highest electricity prices? 

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