How Do Powershop Electricity Bills Work?

Powershop Electricity Bills Explained By Billy Explores

If you’ve ever opened your electricity bill and wondered what on earth you’re looking at, you’re not the only one. You shouldn’t have that problem with Powershop electricity bills, however you’re probably going to find their billing isn’t like other providers.

The Powershop Electricity Bill Basics

Powershop’s account management is heavily geared towards online users, so you they won’t send you a traditional power bill in the mail. Instead, you will receive an Account Review which comes to you as a PDF file.

Powershop’s system is so different, and to get the most of the service and discounts you should be paying in advance by buying their Powerpacks. This is another reason your Account Review is different to a normal bill.

What’s on the Account Review?

The Account Review shows you all the things a Powershop electricity bill needs to, it just looks a little different. Here’s the items you’ll see on the Account Review:

  • How much power you’ve used over the month.
  • Which Powerpacks you’ve used to cover this cost.
  • Your meter readings.
  • Whether or not you still have anything to pay on your account.
  • Any grants, credits or refunds you’ve received that month.
  • If you have solar, your solar feed-in rebate.
  • If you hold a concession, your concession rebate on your Powershop electricity bill.

You can also see all of your transactions and Account Reviews online under the ‘Transactions’ tab on your desktop, or ‘Account History’ on the mobile app.

Powershop Payment Options

With Powerpacks, most of your energy costs are handled in advance, so you’re not always paying a Powershop electricity bill. However, when you do need to make a payment, you can do it through their app or online service which makes everything super easy to manage. You can also manage things by direct debit.

If you’d like more information about this topic, check out our general article on how electricity bills work, where we go over the basics of what appears on all electricity bills, not just Powershop’s.