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Energy Providers in Australia

Thanks to deregulation in many states and territories, there’s now a wide range of energy providers AU. Plus you guessed it, they all want you to be their customers. Thanks to comparison sites like Billy Explores, it’s never been easier to compare providers and get the best deal for what you need. The providers know Billy’s watching them, so they know they have to try hard to impress.

We only compare Australian energy providers who give the best value to Australians, so you know these are top of the pile.

Energy Australia

When thinking about energy providers au, Energy Australia is one of the largest. Energy Australia provides gas and electricity services throughout eastern Australia, servicing NSW, Victoria, Queensland, ACT and South Australia. One of the top retailers in the country with over 1.7m customers, Energy Australia really knows what they’re doing. They’re award winners in their field, and they’ve got a super easy online sign-up process.

Not only do they offer great value, but they also have a strong focus on green energy and moving into the future with cleaner, greener ways of managing the country’s gas and electricity needs.

You can read more information about Energy Australia, or check out some pricing on the Energy Australia rates page.

Origin Energy

To say Origin Energy is one of the biggest Australian energy providers in the business would be an understatement. Providing gas and electricity services to over 4.2m Aussies, Origin has come a long way since breaking out on their own from former parent company Boral Limited in 2000. They want energy to be more affordable, sustainable and smarter for all Australians.

Along with generating power from traditional fuels like coal and natural gas, Origin Energy is heavily involved in renewables. They concentrate especially on wind and solar energy generation and storage.

Read more about Origin Energy here, or check out some pricing on their Origin Energy rates page.

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With over 3.6m customers, AGL Energy has established a reputation as being leaders of change. Also, they have committed to ending their reliance on coal-generated energy between 2022 and 2048. They understand the future for Australians is in green energy sources like wind and solar. This is something all energy providers, Australia and beyond, are now coming to realise.

For now, they provide gas, electricity and solar solutions to customers across Queensland, NSW, Tasmania, South Australia, and Victoria. They also provide gas plans for Western Australia. AGL already use a technology called GreenpowerTM, which allows them to source a certain percentage of your power needs from renewable energy.

Find out more about AGL here, or check out some pricing on their AGL rates page.


Powershop was founded in New Zealand and is owned by Meridian Energy. In Australia, they’re based in Melbourne and were recognised as the country’s greenest power provider three years in a row by Greenpeace. They currently provide electricity plans to customers in New South Wales, South East Queensland, and Victoria, and recently moved into the gas market.

Powershop has some unique price benefits for an energy provider in Australia, allowing customers to buy ‘Powerpacks’ for a certain value in addition to having regular electricity plans. For an additional cost, they also let customers use green power for up to 100% of their supply.

Read more about Powershop here, or check out some pricing on the Powershop rates page.


Alinta Energy has been providing energy services to customers for 20 years, and boast around 950,000 customers throughout the country. You can understand why too since their customer service wins awards all the time. If that’s not enough, they offer pretty nice discounts to their customers on their range of gas and electricity plans. So, what’s not to like?

They’ve also got the rights to a ~5000MW green energy pipeline, further showing their commitment to Australia’s future in green energy. Furthermore, Alinta owns the most efficient coal-fired power station in Victoria which services around 17% of the state’s energy needs.

You can read more Alinta Energy here, or check out some pricing on their Alinta rates page.

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Kicking off in 2015, Sumo is one of the new kids on the block in the Aussie energy provider market. However, they’ve made an instant impact. Based in Victoria, Sumo offer gas and electricity services, as well as phone and internet deals. The appeal to customers here is they offer bundled pricing on all their services, meaning discounts across the board.

Their fresh products have been responsible for driving competition in Victoria, with customers able to manage their power and internet costs all in one place. Also appealing is their no lock-in contracts and link with Centrepay. Thus, the payment becomes easy for customers with Centrelink benefits.

Discover more about Sumo here, or check out some pricing on the Sumo rates page.

Red Energy

Aussies love a company that is 100% Aussie owned, and that’s what you get with Red. Owned by Snowy Hydro, Red Energy have been around since 2004 and supply gas and electricity services throughout Victoria, NSW, South East Queensland and South Australia.

Committed to green energy, Red Energy users GreenPower tech which allows customers to source up to 100% of their electricity needs from renewable sources like wind, solar and waste sources in a bid to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. They also employ around 1100 Aussies in their Melbourne customer service centre.

Read more on Red Energy here, or check out some pricing on their rates page.


PowerDirect, backed by AGL, currently provide electricity services across Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia. They pride themselves on their innovation and ability to provide value for money.

One of their specialties is working with businesses who have multiple work sites and allows them to manage payments all in one bill.

You can discover more about PowerDirect here, or check out some pricing on the PowerDirect rates page.

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ActewAGL was created in 2000 as a joint venture between the Icon Water Limited, which was owned by the ACT Government, and AGL. Customers have grown to love their great prices as well as the option to use GreenChoice, which gives customers a portion of their energy from renewable sources like wind and solar.

As well as great prices, generous discounts and flexible payment options, Actew AGL also have a local customer service team which employs 800 Aussies. That’s something we all love to see!

Learn more about ActewAGL  here, or check out some pricing on their ActewAGL rates  page.

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