Life Insurance 101 - The Basics

Life insurance. Do I really need to worry about that Billy Explores, we hear you ask? Unfortunately, yes. In the event of an accident, major sickness, or even death, life insurance offers financial assistance to maintain your way of life or that of your family.

Many people believe that life insurance only protects you if you pass away, but there are numerous types of life insurance that can help you if an illness or injury prevents you from working permanently or for a while.

We all know that life can change. If you or your partner developed a major illness and were unable to work, how would your family manage financially?

Financial hardship may impact you or your family if you are unable to work due to an accident or ill health. The money you require to help navigate through those dire circumstances may be provided by insurance.

So Billy Explores is here to help with the basic 101 of life insurance! In this series we will discuss the various types of life insurance and income protection. In this first edition, we will discuss what the actual advantages are of life insurance, and then show you how to do a life insurance comparison.

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What Are The Advantages Of Life Insurance?

Although it may be intimidating for some people to consider life insurance, it is definitely an essential component of financial planning.

In fact, if the unexpected should happen, loved ones might be forced to significantly change their lifestyle without the safety of life insurance.

If the unexpected were to happen, and you were unable to look after your family:

  • If they couldn’t pay the mortgage, would they have to put their house up for sale?
  • Is there enough money in the bank to cover funeral expenses?
  • How would they cover their expenses for food, bills, and education?
  • Do you make enough money to hire a babysitter even if your at-home partner passed away?
  • Could your spouse or kids get by on government assistance? Do you really want them to?

There are so many benefits to life insurance:

  • You feel comforted and at ease knowing that your family will be supported.
  • Should something unforeseen occur, it will replace your wage and safeguard your possessions.
  • It will make it possible for you and your family to continue paying your debts and expenses without any problems.
  • Any emergency cash requirements will be met.
  • It will secure your family’s future.

Compare Life Cover Now

So we’ve just seen the advantages of life cover. So now is the time to do a life insurance comparison, whether you are looking for a new life insurance policy or to compare your current life cover and potentially switch. To get started, all you need to do is click here. Stay tuned for more Basic 101 information and life insurance.

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