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How Do I Compare My Electricity Bills?

How Do I Compare My Electricity Bills?

How Do I Compare My Electricity Bills?

Know How Your Electricity Bill Works?

Before you can even think about to compare energy plan and retailers, and finding the best electricity provider for your needs, you need to know how your electricity plan works and your electricity costs, so you can compare energy price.

Every electricity provider is different with their bills, including information contained on them. This can be very frustrating for consumers, however once it’s all laid out it’s very easy to understand. Check out this very handy guide to how electricity bills work. Don’t forget that everyone has a different reason to compare energy plans (ie save money, reduce electricity usage or save the planet through increased renewable energy), so make sure you know yours before you start the process.

Thankfully, once you know how to compare energy plans, there are many electricity comparison tools available – including Billy Explores! Through Billy Explores, you can finding the best electricity provider for your needs from our panel of electricity retailers. But more about that later – let’s get into the fun stuff!

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Electricity Costs

When you first look at the charges on your electricity bill, it can be a bit overwhelming. How do electricity bills work?! Lots of large numbers, measurements you’re unfamiliar with and really, it’s hard to know what you’re looking at. Every bill will vary of course, but below are a few of the different charges and rates you’ll see.

Peak Rates: On a time of use rate plan? You’ll see a section showing you how much energy you’ve used during peak hours. This will show when the rate is going to be higher.

Controlled Load Rates: Just like above, except showing what you’ve used in the off-peak period when rates are lower.

Tariffs: Your bill should clearly show what tariff you’re being charged at. This ties in with the peak and controlled load rates above, and will reflect a time of use tariff. Conversely, there will just be one fixed rate for all your general usage if you are on a fixed rate tariff.

Other Fees: Here is where you might see things like connection fees for new customers or even late payment fees if you’ve paid a previous bill late.

Electricity Usage Comparisons

It’s easy to just gloss over some of the graphs and comparisons appearing on your energy bill. However, we recommend taking the time to figure out what they’re telling you. How do electricity bills work? These can be invaluable in working out patterns of energy usage, and it can certainly help inform you of what to look for when you’re shopping around for a new energy provider.

If you’re on a fixed rate tariff but you can see that you use most of your energy in off-peak periods, you may want to consider switching to a time of use tariff. If you’re already being charged for peak and off-peak use, but most of your usage occurs during peak period, it could be worth considering a fixed rate tariff.

You can also see historical patterns and try to identify ways you use your electricity. For example, you may use the air-con more in summer? Find out 10 reasons why your electricity bill could be so high here.

So… How do electricity bills work and how to compare? If you’d like more information about this topic, we’ve got a range of articles on how individual electricity retailers structure their energy bills which will give you even more detailed information:

Check out these articles for your current energy provider, then we can start to compare energy plans with your personal electricity comparison tool, Billy Explores!

How To Reduce Your Electricity Usage

Now you’ve got a good understanding about your actual electricity usage, energy bill and electricity costs. It’s time to understand ways you could potentially reduce your electricity usage, whether you want to save money on your electricity costs or just want to help the environment by using less energy.

Billy Explores has helped lots of people to compare energy, as well as giving some very helpful tips! See ten energy saving tips to reduce your electricity bill.

But How Do I Compare My Electricity Bill And Energy Price With Various Electricity Retailers?

Now we know how your energy billy works, it’s time to actually compare between electricity retails and potentially switch providers to save money or find the best electricity provider for your needs (ie you want more green or renewable energy to be included in your bill.

Never fear, your personal electricity comparison tool Billy Explores is here to help! Simply start the expedition with me today and save time and effort and explore potential savings from our panel of energy retailers! Plus, if you want to switch today, it will be hassle free.

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