6 Ways To Use Your Optical Extras Insurance Before 31 Dec 22

31 December doesn’t always mean champagne corks popping to celebrate the end of another year. It also means that your extras cover will run out! Have you used your extras health insurance cover this year? If you don’t use it, you will lose it all on 31 December 2022. So Billy Explores thought we would help everyday Aussies with their rush to use their extras. Of course, it’s also a great reminder to compare health insurance and compare extras cover through Billy Explores when you hit major dates like this!

Here, we’ve listed 6 ways you can use your optical extras health cover before 31 December. Of course, not all extras health insurance cover will contain optical cover, so it’s best to check your policy. Have a read, use your extras and then don’t forget to compare health insurance through Billy Explores!

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Why Use Your Optical Extras Insurance?

It might not be possible to get all the vision correction you require from a single pair of glasses.

A single set of glasses typically isn’t enough for everyday Aussies, and their general needs. Even though many people only need one pair of glasses, many optometrists want customers to know that opting for one all-purpose pair frequently means they are compromising on their vision (or their looks).

This year, we’re reminding all Aussies that, depending on how you use your eyes, there are a variety of ways to maximise your optical extras.

We may choose from a wide variety of technologies and goods since we are truly autonomous, so we can find the eyewear that best suits your needs, whether you spend a lot of time in front of a computer, are active outdoors, play sports, or just want a new appearance to go with your current pair. So here’s some handy tips to assist you in maximising your optical extras.

1. Digital Glasses Are Normally Covered Under Optical Extras

Headaches, neck, shoulder, and back discomfort are growing more and more common, as are eye tiredness, impaired vision, and headaches. Given that Australians use digital gadgets on a daily average for 10 hours and 24 minutes1, this is not surprising. People who spend two hours or more in front of a digital screen are advised to wear special digital eyewear to protect their eyes from the strain of their constantly changing visual environment.

2. Use Your Optical Extras For Prescription Eyewear

For people who need glasses, prescription sunglasses are a necessity. Now that there are so many alternatives for prescription frames, practically everyone may enjoy the outdoors while also receiving greater clarity and protection from harmful UV and glare. A pair of prescription sunglasses is the ideal way to maximise one’s optical extras as summer approaches.

3. Contact Lens Are Perfect To Use Under Optical Extras

When spectacles can get in the way, contact lenses allow people the flexibility they need. like for recreation, excursions, weekends, and holidays. The standard pair just cannot satisfy all requirements. Even those who wear multifocal lenses can see effectively at a variety of distances using the most recent contact lens technologies.

4. Everyday Reading Glasses

Reading and computer work that requires close attention can strain the eyes and neck. Progressive (sometimes referred to as multifocal) glasses can eliminate the requirement to constantly take off or gaze over a pair of glasses. Reading glasses may or may not be totally covered by optical benefits depending on one’s level of coverage.

5. Sports Specific Glasses Under Optical Extras

Sports-specific eyewear is made to shield the eyes from UV radiation and damage. This is obviously Something that your everyday pair of prescription glasses was not intended to do. Wearing sports eyeglasses can improve one’s on-field performance and visual comfort. This is a great use of your benefits for a sports enthusiast or athlete. You can also check out our great information and tips for health insurance for athletes here.

6. Driving Glasses In Optical Extras

Around 90% of the information we need to drive comes from our eyesight, therefore even a slight change in vision should be taken seriously. Road accidents are a result of poor vision, but every motorist may easily lower their risk by getting their eyes checked regularly and wearing the recommended eyewear.

Gap Fees Under Optical Extras

So we’ve shown you 6 ways to utilise your extras health cover through optical benefits. It’s also worthwhile being aware of any gap fees that your optometrist may have before you start looking to use the benefits. We’ve already got a great bit of information here for those pesky gap fees!

Compare Optical Extras Through Billy Explores

So you’ve managed to use all of your optical extras benefits before 31 December. Well done! Now it’s time to take the next step and compare health insurance through Billy Explores. You can compare private health insurance in a number of ways: hospital cover, hospital and extras cover, or just extras cover. It’s so easy to start your private health insurance comparison journey. Just click to Compare Health Insurance!

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  • Why Should I Use My Health Insurance Extras Benefits Before 31 December?

    Because your total benefits value expires at 31 December and does not roll over into the next year. This means that you may be losing money on your extras cover if you  have already paid for the health insurance, but not used it.