People have been asking – where’s Billy Sumo?! Well, in case you missed it, earlier this year Billy Sumo returned to Japan to stock up on sushi and retrain for the Sumo season. However, he sent Billy Explores to take over the comparison reins and help Aussies get better value when comparing health insurance in Australia, as well as comparing energy providers and compare life cover.

But, Billy Explores? Why Billy Explores? Well, Billy never stops exploring to compare the various providers and get Aussies the best value solution for their needs. He also finds out answers to the big questions that Aussies have about their health insurance, life insurance and energy needs! Check out what Billy Explores can do for everyday Aussies below.

Private Health Insurance Comparison

This one is a big one! People are always asking but we have Medicare so why private health insurance? There are so many ifs and buts with Medicare and private health insurance. So what are the differences between Medicare and Private Health Insurance and what are the big questions that Billy Explores can help you with?

Do a Private Health Insurance Comparison

Compare Life Cover

Again, there are so many questions about life insurance and what is the best life insurance policy! This is where Billy Explore can help. Not only can you compare life cover options through our panel of providers and get the best deal for your circumstance, however we also answer all the big questions such as:

If you just want to compare life cover and find the best life insurance policy for your needs, then Billy Explores can also help!


Electricity Cost Comparison

We all know the cost of living continues to rise, and the cost of energy has also risen drastically. The good thing is, just like Billy Sumo, Billy Explores is here to help with your energy needs and questions, including:


So… Are you Ready to Explore with Billy Explores?

Come on Aussies! It’s time to explore potential savings across your private health insurance, energy and life cover! Save time and energy and just click on the links above for what you want to do!

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