NSW Energy Providers: Compare Rates and Cheapest Electricity Plans in NSW

NSW Energy Providers: Compare Rates and Cheapest Electricity Plans in NSW

New South Wales has a very strong electricity industry, with more energy providers than you can poke a stick at. When it comes to comparing electricity providers, NSW is the state that offers the most choice.

Think now is the time to switch energy provider in NSW? Or in search of a better deal for your energy bills? We’ve got all the info you need to know right here.

Deregulation in NSW

Deregulation of the NSW electricity industry occurred in July 2014. This meant that energy providers were no longer held to the prices as required by the State Government. You are now able to really compare energy providers in NSW, and can switch electricity provider easier than previously. Many have already switched electricity providers. The benefit for you as a customer is that energy providers now have an incentive to lower their rates, offer special deals and improve their customer service to pick up your business.

In practical terms, as more energy providers enter the market, the better deals we get.  Along with the deregulation of the electricity industry and an increase in competition came comparison websites like Billy Explores, offering customers the chance to easily compare electricity providers in NSW, see which provider can service them best. If the thought of Billy keeping a watchful eye on energy bills and isn’t enough to keep an energy company working hard, we don’t know what is!

Compare Electricity Providers in NSW

If you’re looking for to compare electricity providers in NSW, you have a lot of options! Since deregulation, competition has really heated up with energy providers and customers are reaping the benefits of state government rebates.

The energy providers below provide energy to NSW, and they all offer a range of discounts, plans and other incentives to get you on board. Please note services and prices may vary based on your location.

Sumo Energy

Sumo Energy is an Australian owned provider based in Victoria, and has been in operation since 2015. Sumo Energy pride themselves on providing value to customers and making it easy to deal with them. Plus, they are based locally and create jobs for Australians.

All of Sumo’s plans have no lock-in contracts and are simple to understand. You can also access the Sumo Perks program, which is a loyalty rewards plan with some practical discounts at retailers everyone can take advantage of like JB Hifi, The Good Guys, Coles and Flight Centre to name a few.

Check out how to read the Sumo Energy Bill here.

Energy Australia

Energy Australia have a history going back 100 years, previously being known as the NSW Government-owned Sydney Electricity. In 1996 they merged with Orion Energy, and in 2011 TRUenergy purchased them and began using Energy Australia as their Australian retail arm in 2012. They currently have around 1.7 million customers around Australia.

Energy Australia are a leading NSW electricity provider for good reason, including:

  • Options for 100% carbon neutral energy.
  • Award winning customer service from Canstar Blue and Roy Morgan.

Check out the Energy Australia rates here.


Powershop provide electricity services throughout parts of Eastern Australia, but are moving into gas services too. They offer electricity services and solar options in New South Wales. They offer some standard packages under their Powershop and Powershop Lite banners, and each has a range of tariffs.

Powershop plans have great rates but also offer discounts in the form of allowing you to buy the following Powerpacks. This means you can pretty much buy in advance and enjoy even more savings – how’s that to help the back pocket!

Some reasons to compare your electricity provider in NSW to Powershop:

  • Choose to use green energy for a premium, which is sourced from clean power sources like solar and wind.
  • Save money by utilising the unique option of buying discounted Powerpacks.

Find out more about Powershop tariffs and rates here, or find how to read a Powershop energy bill here.

Red Energy

Red Energy offers electricity services in Victoria, South East Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia. Those in New South Wales can also benefit from Red Energy’s great gas plans. Red Energy recently came out on top of a recent 12 month review of key electricity providers in NSW.

They also offer solar plans, but even better than that – they can help you get set up with a Panasonic lithium-ion battery which allows you to store some of the energy your panels generate. This cuts down your reliance on the grid when energy prices are high, as you can access your own power.

Customers can also choose the Greenpower service, with the option to have up to 100% of their energy from renewable sources.

Here are some reasons to choose them:

  • Multi award-winning customer service.
  • Red Rewards giving extra benefits to customers.
  • No lock-in contracts, so you can stay flexible.
  • Earn Qantas Frequent Flyer points just for paying your bill on time.

Find out more about Red Energy rates here, or find out the important information you need to know about a Red Energy energy bill here.


AGL were first known as the Australian Gas Light Company, lit the first ever gas street lamp in Sydney in 1841! With 3.9million customers through Australia, AGL is one of the most popular energy providers.

Why consider AGL?

  • They’re focused on green energy services, and in most states you will be able to choose 10%, 20% or 100% of your energy to come from green sources, through their Green-power system.
  • 24/7 call centre and online support.
    • Committed to phasing out reliance on coal-fired electricity by 2048.
    • Earn Flybuys points on payments.

Find out more about AGL rates and tariffs here, and if you want to understand how to read an AGL bill, click here.

Origin Energy

Origin Energy is the largest energy provider in Australia, with over 4.2million customers! They provide a range of services throughout eastern Australia, servicing South Australia, Victoria, ACT, New South Wales and Queensland. They also do solar installs, offer a whole host of solar plans, and even provide solar products like the Tesla Powerwall and the LG Chem.

Why switch electricity provider to Origin Energy?

  • GreenPower options for customers to use green sources.
  • 24/7 account management tool.
  • Easy online sign-up and bonuses for customers moving house.
  • Integrated provider, meaning a one-stop-shop for gas, electricity, solar, LPG and even cooling and heating.
  • No lock-in contracts or exit fees.
  • Committed to a future in green energy sources.

Find out more about Origin Energy rates and tariffs here, and if you want to understand how to read an Origin Energy bill, click here.

Alinta Energy

Alinta Energy has over 1million customers across Australia, and offer gas, electricity and solar services in NSW.

Why should you switch electricity provider to Alinta Energy? They own 9 power stations and have their own natural gas pipelines, so prices are kept low!

  • Alinta Energy Rewards program gives you a chance to enjoy additional benefits.
  • No lock-in contracts. Therefore flexible as standard.
  • 2017 Canstar Blue award for most satisfied customers in Queensland. So you know they care!
  • Easy to understand plans, and easy to understand bills. Because who wants to struggle over understanding a bill?

Find out more about Alinta Energy rates and tariffs here, and if you want to understand how to read an Alinta Energy bill, click here.


PowerDirect offer standing and market contracts for electricity and solar in New South Wales. The also offer some great business plans, if companies wish to simply their power needs and consolidate into one bill.

Why should you your switch electricity provider to PowerDirect?

  • Backed by AGL, who have 180 years in the energy business.
    • Simple, easy to understand plans. So no worrying about unexpected bills.
    • Mixture of standing and market offers.
    • Simple online account management.

Find out more about Power Direct rates and tariffs here, and if you want to understand how to read a Power Direct energy bill, click here.

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NSW State Government Rebates

The NSW state government has a number of initiatives to help ease the cost of energy bills on households.

  1. The Low-Income Household Rebate. Eligible concession card holders from the Department of Human Services or Veteran’s Affairs can access this rebate.
  2. Family Energy Rebate.  If you have dependent children and received the Family Tax Benefit A or B in the previous year, you could be eligible
  3. The Appliance Replacement Offer. This helps concession card holders in NSW to upgrade old, inefficient fridges and televisions to new, energy efficient models.

Visit the Energy NSW website  and to see if you qualify for these state government rebates.

More Things to Consider If You Want to Compare Electricity Providers in NSW

Electricity Tariffs

If you’re on a electricity tariff which doesn’t appropriately correlate to your energy usage habits you may be spending more than you need to. With that mind, still around half of the cost of electricity supply charged is in maintaining the electricity distribution networks. Nevertheless, it’s worth checking this with your energy retailers to see if it gives you a better deal.

Find out more about the New South Wales electricity market, or check out comparing electricity plans in New South Wales.

Green Electricity Market

NSW is home to plenty of wind farms, so there is little wonder the State Government is driving a push towards sustainability in the energy industry. Since 2013’s NSW Renewable Action Plan 2013, they’ve steadily worked towards their goal of 20% green energy use by 2020. Compare those electricity providers in NSW who have green or renewable energy as part of their energy bills.

Compare Electricity Providers in NSW Regularly and Save

Energy providers are always offering new discounts and offers, so there’s never a bad time to compare energy providers in NSW. With so many different providers in NSW, there’s so much opportunity out there to switch electricity providers, and potentially make some savings on your energy bills. Therefore, if you’re not comparing prices you could be missing out on the amount you pay for electricity!

Finding the best energy provider for your needs from our panel of retailers is a simple task thanks to Billy Explores. Just head on over to our comparison page, enter your postcode and let Billy do the work for you. The energy comparison service is totally free and easy to do too! Let us know if you have switched energy provider!


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  • How does the energy market work in NSW?

    Since 2014 the energy market in NSW has been deregulated. This means that electricity providers in NSW are able to set their own pricing for electricity supply, as well as offer discounts and offers to customers.

  • How is electricity charged in NSW?

    Each energy provider has a different way of charging electricity. Generally it is charged on how much you’ve used during a period, and is charged per kilowatt hour (kWh). Depending on your energy plan, you could potentially also be charged a tariff for using electricity at different times of the day (ie peak, off-peak or shoulder).

  • What are the different types of tariffs?

    There are a range of tariffs available in NSW. The main three are:

    • Single Rate Tariff – a flat rate is charged for a block of usage
    • Time of Use Tariff – charged a different rate depending on when you use electricity throughout the day (peak, off-peak and shoulder)
    • Controlled Load Tariff – a ‘controlled load’ is a specialty tariff designed for large, high-energy usage appliances (Controlled Load 1 and Controlled Load 2).

  • Who has the best electricity rates in NSW?

    Based on reference rates, the best electricity rates in NSW from our list above is available from Alinta Energy.